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Teachergive Sale 2023

Making Your Home Secure For Your Kids

>> Dec 1, 2015

Leaving your kids home alone is sometimes necessary, but, in order to keep them safe, you will have to install a few security measures and make sure that they are familiar with them. Do not try to overprotect them though, because you might end up creating a prison for them, and they could feel threatened and caged.

Set Ground Rules For When At Home

You should not expect your children to behave if they do not know how to do it. Try to explain in great detail why playing with knives is dangerous, or why they should stay away from sockets and never put anything besides plugs into them. Furthermore, be sure to repeat the drill every now and then, because children might forget, and they need to be reminded of the dangers around them. Make sure that they understand what you are showing them.

Being Able To See Them Even Remotely

Intruding on your child’s privacy is not something you should practice regularly, however, sometimes it will be necessary so see if they are alright, and if you need to check in with them. With a nanny cam set up, you can even see what is going on at home from your mobile device. But, inform your kids that you have installed a camera security system, so that they are not surprised, and that they know about it.

Create a Routine to Follow

Even though routines are boring, and can be tedious, you need to ensure that your children have one, and that they follow it exactly to the point. Otherwise, they might run the chance of wandering off and not finding their way back. Moreover, with aroutine, you will know at any time where they are, and how you can reach them. When your children get older, be sure to explain to them that if they need to do something, they can, but only if they check in with your first.

Teach Your Kids to Hide In Plain Sight

If your child gets home before your do, it is very important that they do not let outsiders know that they are alone, except for some neighbours who should be aware for just in case something happens. Masking your home and creating the illusion that someone else is also at home is crucial, and it can be achieved by leaving the light on in various rooms, or having the TV turned on as well.

Have Them Lock the Doors

Never leave your home with windows wide open, and without locking your doors. Moreover, be sure to contact Ryde locksmith for additional information on which types of locks to use, so that your kids can feel safe, and that your do not have to worry about anyone coming in uninvited. Look into what some new technologically advanced locks can offer, and how they can make your home safer. Though, go over some basic rules about how to lock the doors with your children, to keep them secured while you get home.

Safety is a must for any household until a parent can make it home. And while you cannot monitor every step your kid makes, you can give them useful advice and help them stay safe. Make sure that you explain to your children why they are doing it, and how they must do it, because if you just order them, they could feel threatened. You are not trying to be a warden and create a prison for your kids, rather, you are only giving them the opportunity to stay safe, on their own as well.

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