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Good and Bad Aspects of Modifying Classic Cars

>> Dec 21, 2015

Classic car owners are very much bonded with the vehicle’s originality. The question is should you transform it into a unique prized possession with all styling and advanced features. Many classic purists can suggest that you should maintain the vehicle’s originality as much as possible. This argument is nonstop, but here are some good and bad aspects to consider, when you decide to modify your classic auto.

Building a replica

Everyone cannot afford the popular and super rare classic cars, but you can build one. After market reproduction parts can be bought for less money than the original ones. Many companies are producing cloned parts, which even experts get fooled in believing to be original. Therefore, if you decide to buy classic truck or car make sure to ask for original documentation and check the number of the engine and transmission. If the automobile is original then the numbers will match the last 6-digits of car’s VIN.

Cloned classic allows you to drive around for fun, since it is not a genuine high priced rarity. Classic car loses its value as soon as a single mile gets added to its odometer.

Upgrade for fast lane

Current automotive performance technology has escalated leaps and bounds in comparison to the past. Just simple upgrades like a new modified exhaust system, braking system and tire can increase the acceleration, stop, and curve handling aspects of the classic significantly.

These upgrade options are not just pricey, but addictive too, available in endless options. Twin turbo, electronic fuel injection, racing suspensions, and superchargers can escalate horsepower and handling dramatically, but this hobby can turn out to be expensive, very quickly.

This kind of investment does not provide big returns, but it is like modernizing the bathroom and kitchen in a house. These costly upgrades do not increase the car sale value, but are based on personal desire for added performance instead of for financial gain.

Local laws are another factor that needs to be considered, before you add high performance parts. Understand your state’s street legalities, before buying aftermarket parts because what is legal in New York may differ in Texas. In addition, check with the insurance provider to make sure that you are covered, before lining up on drag strip.

Modern but classic

Classics are basically bought because of its incredible styling and reminder of yesteryears thrilling days. Otherwise, they can certainly invest in latest and speedy muscle cars manufactured today but there is something special about the first, second and third generation of popular cars that jog your memory about simple times.

Fortunately, the old and new can be merged in this advanced technology era. There is need to sacrifice comfort, safety and reliability to enjoy classics from those glorious days.

Besides performance classic hobbyists demand many contemporary conveniences. Classic car service Orange County technicians are often asked to modify the music system of old vehicles. They install modern stereos with original looks. Thus, they blend in the dash without disturbing the interior’s original look.

GPS is another handy upgrade classics demand for. Even computers are finding way into the classics modification list. There are electronic devices that assist from monitoring tire pressure to controlling fuel efficiency, which can be tied. To classic purist this is pure wickedness but to modern day hobbyist it is an advantage to gain better performance from their classics.

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