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Solar Power Panels - Do You Know Exactly How They Work

>> Dec 4, 2015

Solar energy is one of the most promising renewable energy options. Using solar power to generate electricity will not only benefit an individual, but the entire environment. Over the past few decades, the solar energy technology has progressed a lot and improved dramatically. It is now more efficient and convenient to use as well as handy, from the installation point of view.
So far, solar energy was only used in small devices like calculators, but now, with the promising advancements in the technology, it is used to generate electricity to power a complete business or home.

Benefits of using solar energy:

  • It is harmless to environment.
  • It is renewable source of energy
  • Installing solar panels is easy, and in long run requires low maintenance.
  • Proves to be very beneficial if used in remote areas.
  •  An excellent cost effective solution to generate electricity.

Solar power is abundant and this is what makes it easier to utilize it. Sun rays can produce around 1,000 watts of energy per square meter of the earth’s surface. Gathering this energy and using it will ensure that we need not to depend on damaging fossil fuels. However, to understand the benefits associated with solar energy, it is crucial to understand how exactly it works. Visit orange-county.solar to know more.

How it works?

  • Solar panels are installed on rooftops where they are exposed to sun rays.
  • The silicon and conductors installed in the panel convert sunlight into direct power and then, with the help of invertors, it is converted into alternating current.
  • Additional electricity, which is not utilized, is fed back to the grid.

Exactly how solar power is converted into electricity:
Solar panels make use of a special type of cell known as photovoltaic cell. This cell has a particular process of converting photons into electrons and generates current. These cells are widely used in small gadgets like calculators. When a bunch of these cells are connected together, it is known as solar panel.

Photovoltaic cells are made using semi conductive materials like silicon. When this semiconductor absorbs sunlight, photons of the sunrays knocks electrons present in the semi conductor material and loose them, and as a result of this, electric current flows.

In every cell, there is an electric field, which facilitates the flow of electrons in a designated direction. Now, when these electrons come in contact with the metal placed on the cell, it is used to power devices.

Why solar energy isn’t used everywhere?
Well, just like any other energy resources, solar energy has its own drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks of solar energy is that it is not able to produce energy as much as required. There are several reasons behind its energy loss, and one of the prime reasons is the fact that light from the sun is received in different wavelengths. Some wavelengths work exactly the way they are expected whereas some don’t.

The most common place to install solar panels is the roof of your home or office. Here, the panels will get abundant sun exposure and photovoltaic panels will easily convert solar energy into electricity. 

2 komentar:

Nancy Chan December 4, 2015 at 5:45 PM  

I have seen some of the new houses around here fitted with solar power panels.

jp@A Green Ridge December 4, 2015 at 6:03 PM  

Our system just went "live" this week!...:)JP

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