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Have A Good Night’s Sleep inside the French Provincial Bedroom

>> Dec 7, 2015

French provincial style bears reference to the decor style seen in the houses of the noblemen in the French Provinces over 3-4 centuries back in time. These noblemen were not as rich as their urban partners, but they had furnishings at home that were often less fashionable and were made of materials far less expensive in cost than those found in the homes of their urban colleagues during that time. Nevertheless, both colors and designs were similar in nature to those of the urban aristocrats. A few important components of these are:

To decorate a bedroom in the French provincial style primarily begins with use of soft colors wherein the palette is usually pulled from a vintage or antique carpet which is woven in shades such as ivory, pastel green, raspberry, blue, etc. The color mauve was not yet discovered during this time. The colors in vogue during this period were always only those colors that were found in abundance in the rural landscapes which encompassed the homes.

Flooring that goes well inside a French provincial bedroom:

Either stones in the form of slabs or wooden planks which were hand painted or colored using natural materials were used for floorings.

  •  These were at most times covered with hand woven carpets and rugs. However, if the owner was a very wealthy person, oriental carpets made from wool and other fibers were used. To recreate a similar look one would need layers of carpets and rugs with soft floral patterns.
  • For an authentic effect, remove some of the borders randomly. The wealthy aristocrats of the French provincial era definitely appreciated and valued art a great deal since they did not discard or do away expensive carpets and rugs merely because they suffered wear and tear, a wee bit.

Fabric that suits a French provincial bedroom:

All the grand ladies loved and did hand embroidery as a favorite past time using needles and threads and these would be on pillow covers, some pieces of upholstery for the living areas in the home or foot stools.

  • Private garments adorned by them and the linens of their beds were made from cotton fiber woven thinly and these were embroidered always.
  • Woven textured fabrics was used only for covering windows printed textile materials with scenes of the country life styles became available were available much later in time. These were fabrics made from natural fibers and were in softer colors. The homes of that era were coal and wood heated homes and all the fabrics would seem pale in color. Inside the home, one could always find layers of fabric and hand woven bright laces adding to the visual interest.

Furniture to be included into the room:

Bedroom furniture was always handmade and high quality furniture pieces were passed on from one generation to the other. A French provincial home would always contain several pieces of furniture passed on from the previous generations. Every provincial home would surely have a very stylishly hand crafted wardrobe cupboard. These were made by craftsmen who copied the urban fashion styles. These furniture pieces would be far simple than the richly decorated heavily designed and carved pieces held by the rich royals but definitely had its own unique furniture designs prevalent during the time. The lamp shades and other metal furniture were often made from brass and bronze.


Mirrors were a very important component of a French provincial bedroom and one could find several mirrors in various shapes and sizes. From small mirrors on the tables to large and huge ones with expensive frames, mirrors adorned these bedrooms.

These mirrors were also placed in such a manner such that they would reflect the sun rays into each other and thus brighten the rooms greatly.

If you still want to know more about French Provincial Bedroom then let’sgo here and get more ideas.

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