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How to Build Healthy Diet for Young Children

>> Dec 24, 2015

It is tough for parents to make the kids eat the healthy foods and snacks. The very first step in establishing the healthy eating of kids is having knowledge on the nutrition present in the food items. Kids who eat well are more attractive and physically fit than kids who lack proper nutrition. Making nutritional choices in childhood can strengthen lifelong eating habits of kids and let them grow up to the maximum potential as well.

Good nutrition must include eating meals three times a day and two nutrition rich snacks a day. Parents have to limit the level of sugar and fat foods in the diet for kids. They have to make sure their kids get proper amount of vegetables, fruits, dairy products and lean meats every day. Here is the healthy diet for kids you can follow to raise your kid healthy and strong.

How to get protein, carbohydrates and other nutrient in the diet

Protein is essential for several functions such as growth, healthy bones and brain development. Animal proteins are found in chicken, eggs, yoghurt, cheese and milk. These items contain essential amino acids that are essential for growth. Legumes, soya products, lentils and tofu are some of the plant proteins you can add in your kid’s diet. Aiming for five parts of vegetables and fruits is a good initial step for kids. Parents can keep bags of frozen fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, chop them into pieces and use them as dessert for the recipes. They can try some innovations in making recipes using these items. This can let the kids to eat a healthy food.

Children require a source of rich carbohydrates in every meal. Parents should keep in mind that too much fiber in the die can compromise the complete absorption of other minerals such as iron and calcium. Some of the carbohydrate rich foods are wholegrain breads, pasta and muesli. Add yogurt, cheese and milk in the diet to supply calcium and vitamins as well. While fat is required to grow you can include spreads, oils and butter in your healthy diet for kids. Do not let your kid to have more sweets, biscuits and soft drinks as they are rich in added sugars.

Plan the right breakfast and snacks for the kid

Parents have to read the labels while buying the processed cereals. Many of them contain high level of salt and sugar. It is better to choose simple oat, unsweetened or bran based cereals. Even they can add handful of raisins and chopped banana to make the recipe taste sweet.

Parents who have time to make substantial healthy breakfast can include protein in the diet by serving their kid egg, natural yogurt or baked beans. Proper snacks are also essential to keep the appetite of child satisfied. Some of the best snack items include dried fruits, raw vegetables and some crackers with chunks of cheese. You can also serve your kid whole meal bread or rice cake along with cream cheese, ham or nut butter. Make juices and smoothies as snacks to include vitamin C in the diet.

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