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Winter Wear for Women

>> Dec 11, 2015

We love winter time and fashion also. This time of year is perfect for wearing multiple and different clothes. You can wear colors, different patterns and match them with style. Be bold and creative because now you have the opportunity.

6 Must Things during the Winter Time

1. Boots
Brown boots are the most versatile. One of the best things about boots is that you can have riding boots, sassy boots, you can wear them with dresses, with skirts, you can wear them at the office or for a fancy party.

2. Leggings
Leggings are almost unavoidable during winter. You can wear them with dresses, long sweaters and cardigans. Instead of wearing tights you can wear leggings because they will keep you warm in the most fashionable way.

We love scarves. They will spice you up no matter what you are wearing. They look good with t-shirts, sweaters, basically they look amazing with anything. You can find infinity scarves, fur scarves, knit scarves, silk scarves.

4. Hats
Hats are good when you are not always in the mood to do your hair. They will protect your hair from the cold temperatures and are also very fashionable and edgy. Mix them with big earring for a glamorous look.

5. Layers
The basis of anything in fashion is wearing layers. Sweater and cardigans are the best items for this styling technique. You could wear a black, white or red sweater because these are the most popular variations this season. They will keep you warm and can help a basic outfit transform itself into a stylish one.

6. Fur Collars
Even a simple casual look with jeans and a knitted top will get a sort of a glamorous feel to it if you add a fur collar. Invest in a detachable one so you could pair it up with so many other outfits. Wear it on woolen jackets, leather vests or even on dresses.

Wearing clothes in winter should also be fun not only practical. So play with fun elements that will also keep you warm.

We hope you enjoyed our stylish tips. Have a wonderful winter!

2 komentar:

Nancy Chan December 11, 2015 at 6:25 PM  

Helpful information to women. Have a beautiful weekend!

sm December 11, 2015 at 7:58 PM  

fashion and winter beautifully written
Wearing clothes in winter should also be fun not only practical. So play with fun elements that will also keep you warm.

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