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3 Fun Tips to Let Your Kids take their Med or Vitamins

>> May 3, 2017

For parents, letting their kids drink medicines and vitamins can sometimes be stressful or be full of difficulty. Because most kids have preferences for their medicines and will in turn give you a hard time while shopping for medicine. But, researchers have ways that are proven to give you an easier time while giving your child their medicine.

Most of these will be about changing your approach to your children, which will be hard but worth it! Let’s get into the world that kids willingly drink their medicine and not give their parents a hard time!

1. Positivity is Key

Whenever you give your kids their medicine, the right way to go about it is through your attitude. If you have older kids, having a positive attitude while encouraging them to drink their meds goes a long way. Why? Because an older child’s mindset is dependent on what they see feel from their parents. So, if you approach them feeling annoyed and angry, they’ll be getting more rebellious as the days go by because they don’t like the way you approach them. On the other hand, if you show them that what you’re giving is the best for them and you mix in a little encouragement, they’ll respond by being obedient and diligent.

If you have children on the younger side, your emotions are what they base their decisions on. Whenever you approach them using the forceful method, you’ll be gaining a lot of resistance from them because they feel that you’re trying to force-feed them something that they don’t want. But, if you approach them through a gentler method, they’ll respond by eventually drinking the necessary meds.

2. Let Your Kids Have Control

Whenever your kids are in the age where they understand what you tell them, try explaining to them why they need to ingest the medicine that you give them. This will make them feel that you respect their personal space and that you only want the best for them. Which will in turn, actually encourage them to drink their meds because they already know the reason why the medicine is important. Also, giving them the right to choose the flavor they want will help you get them to drink the medicine. Why? Obviously, it’s because children want to choose what they think is the best-tasting one. Let’s face it, some medicine can be too bitter or too sour for kids to enjoy it, that’s why they have their preferences whenever they drink their medicine.

For younger children, encourage them to do some “playing doctor”, let them play with their toys and deem them as the patients and your child is the doctor. This will give them a sense of why we give them medicine, and will in turn, encourage them to drink the medicines or vitamins that you give them.

3. Food Infusion

If all else fails, there is actually a way into giving your child their medicine with them not knowing. This is where you mix the medicine with their food! If they need to drink a pill, you can open the pill and mix the contents of pill with the food that they will eat. Or when they need to ingest a tablet, you can crush the tablet and sprinkle it over the food to hide the fact that you’re letting them drink their medicine.

But, caution is needed whenever you do this, because some pills lose their effect if they’re opened prematurely. Make sure that you consult your doctor before doing this so that you’ll know which pills are safe for food infusion.

Making your kids drink their medicine can be a tough job, you just have to know the right ways to go about it! The things stated in this article will help you do your job in an easier and efficient way, so keep everything that you’ve read here in your mind!

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