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Teachergive Sale 2023

Things to Consider before Booking a Limo Rental in Chicago

>> May 9, 2017

Nothing says class like being picked up and dropped off in a limo. The entire experience is meant to put all passengers’ minds at ease and bring them to their destination in as much luxury as possible. For those new to limousine travel, here are some helpful etiquette tips to keep in mind before the limo arrives.
limo rental Chicago
1. Always request a car that has been labeled as non-smoking. This is done to avoid any unpleasant smells that may linger within the car. The only exception to this rule, or course, is if someone in the party is a smoker.

2. Always allow the chauffeur to open the door and assist any passengers while they leave the vehicle. Never try and open the door yourself. This is the duty of the chauffeur and any attempt to leave the vehicle by oneself is generally frowned upon.

3. When entering the vehicle, sit in the seat first and swing your legs in. Slide over if necessary. Never just step into the vehicle and enter. This will cause your rear end to stick out at everybody else in the party and is generally considered very uncouth and ill-mannered.

4. Never ask the driver to speed or to engage in any other illegal behavior.

5. The power seat is considered to be the back seat on the right. This seat should always be reserved for the most important person in the party. The most uncomfortable seat in the limo is generally considered to be the "jump seat" or the seat facing backwards. If there is a "pecking order" established in the party, it would be wise to assign seating accordingly.

6. The tip to the driver should be at least 20% but certainly more is appreciated if you feel the service provided during limo rental Chicago. The tip should be ready by the time the last person gets out of the limo and preferably should be handed over in an envelope as discreetly as possible.

By following these etiquette tips, it is virtually assured that your limo ride will be as enjoyable and smooth as possible.

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