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EU Residency: 6 most fascinating European towns for a living

>> May 2, 2017

While the entire Europe is worth exploring, certain towns have an almost inexpressible charm drawing tourists from all over the world. Besides being attractive, these cities have a distinct feel that’ll inspire you for EU residency.

1.   Esslingen, Germany
Esslingen, in the southwest of Germany is a perfect combination of serenity and liveliness. The town has secured a strong position being a major trading centre, courtesy of the two bridges over Neckar River; a significant interchange for medieval traders.

The Old Town is a perfect picture of timber-framed buildings that dates back to 13th and 16th century backed by picturesque canals and market place. Its Germany’s most impressive Christmas bazaar as more or less 200 tradesmen here celebrate the event wearing colourful costumes and sell genuine crafts from the Middle-Ages! With European residency, Esslingen is the first choice for a living.

2.   Lucca, Italy

Despite some of the most extraordinary churches, minarets and precious artwork, Lucca in Italy is another remarkable city famous for an easy-going and fun-filled charisma. The etched and decorated marble of the San Michele in Foro’s Façade is simply incredible and so are the beautiful arts and decors inside the cathedral. Climbing the Guinigi Tower would give you a bird’s eye view of all the surrounding.

A garden with trees on top of the conventional tower which is more like a shaded walkway sits right on the walls barricading the town. Yellow shaded buildings are neatly visible from here that were originally carved from the walls of a Roman Arena that once stood here.

3.   Marvão, Portugal

Marvão is the most historic and best preserved town of Portugal, Spain known for keeping a watchful eye of the country’s border. The entire village is jutted on top of a slope with closed walls and a single entryway. Origins of the castle dates back to the Moorish rule that oversee the church, the low streets and whitewashed houses.

4.   Stein am Rhein, Switzerland

The main street of Stein am Rhein with a combination of colourful murals and neat timbered buildings represents a stage for Hansel and Gretel’s performance. Despite the surreal feel, the town is a reality and offers the best living features on your EU residency. The Hohenklingen Castle; constructed in the 1225 has been transformed into a local history museum is worth visiting and a total eye candy.

5.   Ålesund, Norway

The historic fire that consumed Ålesund in 1904 is unforgettable but this port town of Norway came over the tragedy with its architectural movement and artwork backed by a strong economy. Nestled majestically at the foot of the island, Ålesund offers the best scene and a friendly environment unlike anything. The waterside restaurants is where you can enjoy the best seafood and there’s plenty more to explore when there.

6.   Winchester, England
Once a capital of England from the time of Anglo-Saxon till 13th century and the rule of Alfred the Great, the history of Winchester is amazing in a unique way! The Winchester Cathedral is also a final resting place of Alfred the Great as well as a site where William the Conqueror had his coronation. Winchester is a great place to learn about England’s history and for a living with EU residency.

The above towns across the EU are among the best places to live and learn all about the country so make the most of it.

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Mang_Lembu May 2, 2017 at 8:29 PM  

6 kota yang emang mantapsurantap buat mengais yuro ya neng...tapi saya mah cukup di desa Cilembu aja ah, nggak usah jauh-jauh....takut kangen sama bau sawah

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