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Communication Transformation (from Traditional to Modern Tools)

>> May 10, 2017

An IP private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone switching system which enables the users within an organization to communicate through local lines and enable external communication through VoIP and external phone lines. A typical kind of PBX can also switch calls between a traditional phone and VoIP or even among two traditional phones just like the traditional PBX. The abbreviation of IP/PBX come in many faces i.e. IP-PBX, IPPBX, or IP/PBX.


          The traditional PBX only allowed on medium of communication at a time. Yet two different PBX were required to connect IP phones and traditional phones simultaneously. Now with the advent of IP/PBX, the system has ease to entertain more communication mediums simultaneously. The converged data and network technique applied in IP/PBX have allowed the communication through VoIP, Internet, and traditional access at once. Same as the PBX, and IP-PBX is also owned by an enterprises and used for business communication.

Benefits and Practical Advantages

          With the help of IP phone system, all the internal communication is routed through the LAN (Local Area Network), yet a different network is not required for the telephone channels. In addition to this the IP-PBX is also possible to connect to the same network through gateway to PSTN. Connecting an IP-PBX to the overall network means employing more communication mediums i.e. VoIP, telephone through internet, and many other communication channels.

IP phone allows the freedom of choice when it comes to connection, yet the connection to the IP phone itself is constrained by the traditional hardware. With the use of IP-PBX now one do not have to search for a free telephone port on the exchange. Instead, the phone can be connected through any LAN connection around the office. Furthermore, the IP-PBX have eliminated all boundaries and restrictions to a business communication. IP-PBX have enabled connection through the internet which enables to virtually set up an office almost everywhere in the world. This geographic distance is usually calibrated through a VLAN i.e. virtually local area network. This provides independence on geographic location of the users, yet allowing all of them to connect to the same network at once and build communication.

          The biggest practical advantage of IP-PBX is the communication between the teams at office and the mobile teams (who are not in the same office). This connection is independent of the location even if the person is on road, travelling or in an airplane. All what an employee require to connect to an IP-PBX is a valid internet connection.  The possible hardware for this connection to IP-PBX is Smartphones, IP phone, laptops, desktops, and tablets.

This has provided the company with an advantage to connect to the customer without evening the person knowing that the person connecting is in the office or not. Conferences were previously scheduled keeping a close tab on each executive’s schedule yet to enable each executive to be at the conference. Now with the IP-PBX, the executives can connect to the office through any possible location and medium.

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