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Laundry 101: Tips In Doing Proper Laundry Washing

>> May 3, 2017

Washing the clothes flawlessly is a life skill that most people ignore. Instead of loading up the washing machine outright, you should do separate the dirty clothes by colour and texture, select the appropriate wash cycle, and know how much detergent to add; these are the primary rules that people ignore when washing their laundry. With a little hard work, dedication, and constant practice, you’ll be the master washer! Also, having your own condominium character can help because most of them have a complete laundry machine system in the building, which would make your life a whole lot easier. Here’s how to begin!

Separate the laundry

Colour and fabric type for each cloth differ which means they mustn’t be washed together! Separate the laundry per its type and here’s how;

-       Segregate light & dark shades
This is probably the biggest mistake one can make when washing the clothes is mixing all the shades in the wash cycle. Clothes, especially new ones, tend to release dye colour during the process of washing that is collected by the light-shaded fabrics. Consequently, you’ll ruin the entire pile of laundry,  so don’t ever mix bright and dark shades in hot water as well as with white pair.

-       Separate by texture or fabric
Much like the segregation of the shades and colours, the laundry must be separated per its fabric material and quality. For instance, when you wash denim jeans or other heavier fabrics, you’ll need more washing time as compared to the lighter and medium materials.

-       Always read the wash care label
Clothes aren’t something that you can just throw into the washing machine and just let it rip. Always remember that some clothes can only be dry-cleaned while others that are made of special materials such as wool requires special hand-wash techniques and they can only be washed using detergents and soaps. Also, when washing clothes that have special components like zippers, you should zip-up the clothes and turn them inside out before running the wash cycle.

-       Set it right
With constant progression, almost all the washing machines that we are available today have settings based on temperature of the water that is used. Hot water is preferred for light-shaded clothes and items that are extremely dirty. Conversely, cold water is used for darker clothes; especially new ones to prevent excessive colour reduction. Also, an important note to remember is that cotton items must be treated only with cold water or else they would shrink!

There are settings based on the load size such as small, medium and large. If the dirty laundry fills up one-third of the machine, select small whereas medium for half-full and large for three-quartered full machine respectively! Don’t stuff the machine as you need extra room for water whereas loading it up to the top would present ineffective results.

Determine laundry bleach, detergent & softener

After separating the clothes, put detergent, turn ON the machine and then put the clothes; this is the correct way of doing it instead of putting the pile of clothes before anything else. Then, fill one-third of the machine with water; add some bleach (only if you need it), add detergent, and dissolve the entire thing. Add the clothes in the last and you’ll see the miraculous difference that this way can do.

-       To bleach or not to bleach
If your white clothes are extremely dirty and you need to make them look brand new, you should add some bleach to the laundry but, do note that not all bleaches are for clothes. You should carefully read the product label to be extra safe!

Chlorine bleach give best results on white clothes made of cotton and linen. Don’t ever use this bleach on coloured fabrics or else the color would deteriorate, the material will start to deteriorate, and the overall quality of the clothes would be ruined. The alternative for chlorine bleach is  all-fabric bleach because it is tailored for chlorine-sensitive and coloured clothes.

When using a washing machine to wash your clothes, be sure to follow the appropriate steps as mentioned above, and you’ll be taking care of your clothes!

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Putra May 3, 2017 at 4:32 PM  

Nice tips. These are useful for my room mate who likes to go to laundry shop. He lost his cloths view times, and sometimes get cloths he doesn't own.

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