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Best Educational Apps for Kids

>> May 30, 2017

In today’s generation, kids have more access to information more than ever. With the internet being more accessible to everyone, information can now be received just a few clicks away. Along with information being accessible, education has also improved. More children around the world have access to the best education available out there. With more and more children having access to the internet, it is important that this should be used for productive activities. One of the best ways to keep your children productive is by using apps. To keep your child productive and educated at the same time, here are some of the best educational apps for your children.

Photo Courtesy: appsafari.com
One of the more popular mobile games on this list, Flow is a simple but engaging puzzle game that taps into your child’s spatial and analysis skills. The goal of the game is to connect two lines of the same color in a grid. The puzzles start out as simple, and as the game progresses, it gets more challenging. With lots of levels and challenging gameplay, Flow is a game that your child will enjoy.

Drawing Pad
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If you want your child to tap into his artistic and creative side, then this app will definitely help hone those skills. Drawing Pad is a nice way to have your child do some drawings and painting, minus the mess that would come with actual art supplies. This app lets your child develop their art skills, which helps in the child’s creative thinking skills and focus. Although simple, Drawing Pad is an app that can provide enjoyment, and artistic expression at the same time.

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Having your child spend time reading is always a good activity, and a great way to get your children interested is by have them read stories. Having children read stories can improve their reading and understanding skills. iStoryBooks is an app that gives you some of the most popular children’s stories in a single place. With colorful and lively illustrations, even voice narration, this app can give your child a fun and productive time reading which they will enjoy. 

Hooked on Phonics
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If you want a fun and entertaining app that also helps develop your child’s reading and grammar skills, then Hooked on Phonics is the app your child would enjoy. The app provides a wide variety of lessons, games, and songs that help your child learn basic reading, grammar, and phonetics skills. The lessons contained in the app are progressive, which means that your child progresses through these games and activities as he/she improves their skills.

PBS Kids Video
Photo Courtesy: pbskids.org/apps/
With more children interested in watching videos from the internet nowadays, it is best to have them watch videos that they can learn from. PBS Kids Video offers a wide selection of educational cartoon videos that offer a large variety of lessons. Parents can also monitor the videos that their kids are watching through a parental tracker. With a good amount informative content available at your child’s fingertips, this app will help them learn, while also be entertained at the same time.

As mentioned earlier, with the diversity of information children can get from the internet, it is best to make sure that they are getting the ones that help them become productive and help them hone their skills. These apps would not only entertain your children, but also educate them as they learn new information and skills.

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