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Teachergive Sale 2023

Breastfeeding Tips: Appreciate Your Baby by Providing Proper Breastfeeding Schedule

>> May 9, 2017

When babies are born, they are properly hydrated and remain so if their mother continues to breastfeed them day and night, even if the climate becomes dry. Offering water to breastfed babies does more harm than good. Some moms persist in feeding their babies with water and formula during the first six months of recommended breastfeeding. This occurs in many countries which bring harmful effects to the health of the baby. Experts recommend that mothers breastfeed their infants during the first six months of their child's proper development, growth and survival.

When breastfeeding is initiated, the kid gets low fat "foremilk" and later on, the higher fat "hind milk." Taking the baby off one breast before he/she leaves it away and gives them the second, they may with foremilk, causing some gassiness, fussiness, and more spitting up. Allow them to decide themselves. In case there is an adamant "letdown," then this is of particular importance. You may have an overabundant milk supply. Try keeping baby on one side for an entire feeding.

The frequently asked question is, can you overfeed a breastfed baby?

Overfeeding a baby during breastfeeding is possible though the likeliness of occurring is minimal. Breastfed babies can control their intake because parents have no way of determining exactly how much their baby is drinking. Breastfed kids do give some cues after they finish the feeding. The baby just leaves when they get satisfied. If kids come off during breastfeeding, mothers should wait before feeding them again. For the bottle-fed babies, if they are still hungry, they will let you know!


If your baby nurses a lot and then seems fussy, gassy and spits up frequently, it may be because of feeding management issues. Something you might want to try is "finishing the first breast first.

Nipple confusion.

It's when a baby has trouble switching back and forth between breast and bottle.

You run a high risk of getting an infection of the breast when you start delaying breast feedings. In fact, if you start skipping feedings, you might get pretty uncomfortable with full breasts, and your supply may go down a bit.

One of the many concerns facing a new mother is whether to feed her new infant from the breast or the bottle. When the tradition of breastfeeding got lost during the last century, bottle-feeding became the norm. Today many women are choosing to breastfeed, but with busy and demanding lifestyles they often find it necessary for their babies to accept a bottle (hopefully filled with breast milk).

About Author : Stacy Belk is woman behind Mom Woot. She likes to write about mommies and babies and like to hear stories from other mothers.

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