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Mistakes You’re Doing to Your Home Appliances

>> May 29, 2017

Buying the best appliances doesn’t immediately guarantee that they will last for a long time. There are a lot of common mistakes that people do that shorten the lifespan of their equipment. Here are some of them and their effects:

Washing Machines
-       Placing heavy objects and standing on it as well as washing clothes with objects in their pockets will damage the unit
-       Using hand-washing detergents instead of washing machine detergents will create too much foam which will break the unit
-       Not cleaning the rubber parts and dispenser of the machine encourages mould to grow inside.
-       Not removing finished loads right away damages the drum.
-       Not performing cleaning cycles or using the automatic cleaning cycle function causes grime to form inside.

-       Not making sure that the refrigerator stays upright during the delivery or turning it on less than 15 hours from the time of arrival will make the compressor oil leak.
-       Placing it too near a wall will make the coils dirty which will reduce its effieciency
-       Not defrosting it twice a year deteriorates the interiors.
-       Placing too much items inside prevents air to flow properly inside

Slow Cookers
-       Using it while the outside walls of the pans are wet or leaving the inside of the lid wet after usage will break the unit.
-       Rinsing grains with the pan scratches the pan.
-       Going over capacity with ingredients will overwork the unit.

-       Positioning dishes right-side up is an inefficient way to use it.
-       Putting unclean plates inside and not removing stickers on dishes and cups will clog the filters.
-       Using the washer while the dishes inside are touching each other will hinder the rotations of the water sprinkler.
-       Using dish washing liquids instead of powders and tablets causes malfunctions.
-       Not making sure that small objects are placed in the unit properly leads to them to scatter which could block its rotation parts.
-       Not putting salt and rinser in the dispenser tray prevents a long life for the unit.
-       Not cleaning the filters makes the unit struggle.

-       Not putting a class of water inside while heating lightweight consumables allows more microwave radiation.
-       Blocking the ventilation grills when in use make the unit inefficient.
-       Using the microwave while it is empty damages the magnetron.
-       Placing items above the maximum weight capacity inside will damage the interiors.
-       Heating unsuitable material could cause a fire.

-       Using it near water and flammable objects could cause hazardous events.
-       Using it to cook scones will break the unit.
-       Not cleaning the inside from crumbs once a week causes mould.

-       Blending hot food will break the unit.
-       Not keeping the motor housing dry could cause a short circuit.
-       Leaving a submersible blender plugged in when not in use causes overheating.
-       Blending dry ingredients like crackers will directly damage the blades.

Although you use these items every day and they feel like tanks, not maintaining them well could shorten their lifespans and even cause hazards at your home. Be safe and smart and don’t make these mistakes.

About the Author:

Esther Diaz
A 22-year-old graduate of graphic design, DIY enthusiast, make-up lover and has a love-hate relationship with desserts. I dream to be soon one of the known bloggers.

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