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The Top 5 Most Expensive Movies To Hit The Cinemas

>> May 30, 2017

Movies come and go. But those that remain in our minds are either our favorites or are the most expensive.

Over the past decade, movies have become very expensive. The entire process of making movies is no joke; it is a very costly undertaking. You have to pay for its special effects, props, equipment, and sets. And you need to pay as well the actors, directors, designers, technicians, and other staff. Moreover, after wrapping up the film, it will have to undergo another process of special effects and major editing.

The film industry is a massive money-making machine. Movie budgets continue to exponentially increase over time despite the fact that not one person can exactly determine when it all started. No one can even single out the particular elements that caused these budgets to increase. But more or less, this phenomenon could be a result of our current obsession with fantasy or action-filled superhero films. This type of films requires increased budgets to pay for its stunts as well as its visual effects.

Though film producers do not disclose their exact budget, a unanimous decision has been made based on reports and interviews about how much money was spent for each film. Below are the top 5 most expensive movies to hit the cinemas.

5.   Spider-Man 3 (2007)
The entire production of the third installment of the Spider-Man trilogy amounted to $258 million as verified by Sony. The film was directed by Sam Raimi and was shot in New York, Cleveland, and Los Angeles. In this film, Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire) battled with Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), Venom (Topher Grace), and Harry Osborn as the New Goblin (James Franco).

The film reportedly grossed $890.9 million. Even though it was welcomed with mixed reviews, it was the most financially successful installment of the trilogy. Before Raimi and Sony had a falling out, a fourth installment was supposedly considered. Sony eventually moved on, and five years later, rebooted the franchise casting Andrew Garfield as the new Spider-Man.
4.   Tangled (2010)
The Disney animated movie Tangled costs more or less $260 million, making it the most expensive animated movie to ever hit the screen. Its story is loosely based upon Rapunzel by the Brothers Grimm. It is the first Disney film that utilizes 3D animation technology and was in production for six years.

For an animated film to hit the box office, Tangled performed well with a worldwide gross of $591.8 million. It was well received by critics, was nominated for an Oscar and two Golden Globes, and won a Grammy for its soundtrack 'I See the Light'.

3.   John Carter (2012)
John Carter is a science fiction movie set on Mars that was based on Edgar Rice Burrough's A Princess of Mars. It stars Taylor Kitsch and was shot in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The tax rebate from the United Kingdom exposed the cost of the film to be over $300 million ($306.6 million to be exact and $263.7 million after tax rebate). Unfortunately, the film became a box office flop and only grossed $284.1 million . The amount it made did not make up for the entire cost of its film marketing and production. A lot of film scenes have been reshot making the filming process much longer than expected. Moreover, after production, over 2000 visual effects were added.

Because of its box office mediocre performance, especially in the United States cinemas, plans of a sequel were put on hold.
2.   Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Avengers: Age of Ultron is the sequel to the first Avengers movie directed by Joss Whedon. It features a cast of A-listers including Robert Downey, Jr. as the Iron Man, Chris Evans as Captain America, and Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow. The film was initially shot in England with on-site filming in New York City, South Korea, Italy, and Bangladesh. The tax rebate from the United Kingdom revealed that the entire cost of the film was $330.6 million ($279.9 million after tax rebate).

With its all-star cast, the second Avengers movie is always expected to be an expensive film even before taking into account the total cost of its special effects after production.

It ranks sixth among the highest grossing films of all time, making a total amount of $1.403 billion at the box office. Despite the large figure, it was not able to beat the first Avengers movie that ranks fourth among the highest grossing films of all time. Its upcoming two-part sequel, Avengers: Infinity Wars, is rumored to be more expensive. Trusted sources claim that it could be more or less $1 billion

1.   Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)
The fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, is the first film to have a budget of more than $400 million. The film was shot in Hawaii and in the United Kingdom and stars A-list actors Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow and Penelope Cruz as Angelica. It features around 1200 computer-generated services and utilized the same 3D film technology as James Cameron's Avatar (appreciate the movie in 3D technology with the use of your trusted smart TV box; check out http://www.wgtvboxes.com).

The tax rebate from the United Kingdom uncovered the entire cost of the production to be $410.6 million. This, of course, makes the film the most expensive movie of all time.

The investment was just worth it, anyhow, as it grossed a total amount of $1.046 billion at the box office.

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