Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Sectors in Dwarka Expressway That Give a Boost to the Entire Gurugram Real Estate

>> May 12, 2017

Gurugram has always tried to be in the upfront of the real estate industry since the dawn of their civilization. Facing some ups and downs, they've now found themselves a stable market and their growth aspect ratio has made the investors flocking in large amounts.

Investment has always been a favorite for those who keep looking for avenues for an additional income. The real estate industry has always been one of the favorites for the investors as the return on investment has always been high prior to the recession period that happened in the last decade. Keeping the Indian real estate market in mind, Gurugram holds a center stage of late, apart from the rest of the metro cities. It is the Delhi NCR market that has emerged as one of the investment hot spots giving the entire corridor a plethora of infrastructural benefits.

More and more luxury real estate projects in Gurugram are offering modern amenities that comply within the budget ranges, and irrespective of the fact that you buy a low, mid or high segment property these markets have something for all the investors. Going by the trends that have been recently followed, the tendency of occupying the flats closely follows renting on the corridor as all the localities that have got a high rental demand pose to give better returns to the owners. Six out of top ten localities that have been searched by the consumers for buying a house in here are also in the top ten localities that are available for renting a house.

Since most of the recent demands follow the pattern of being driven by the end user rather than on investment, the buyers are actually looking for bigger apartments and luxury villas for sale in Gurugram suitable for living. Hence, the dominant BHK types that make more sense in both buying and renting are in the 3BHK units followed by the 2BHK ones. A very notable trend is the rise in demand of 4BHK units, and it reinforces the preference of bigger apartments in the real estate market. The Dwarka Expressway is relatively new when compared to the rest of the Gurugram real estate market, and overall, the entire market is tilted towards the mid segment flats available.

The place has become a significant real estate investment destination, and this owes a lot to the vast potential of robust growth and expansion in the coming years. The place provides an immaculate blend of strategic location, a varied range of residential options and all the world-class amenities just within the reach of all the interested investors. The eight-lane, 150 meters wide 18 kilometers long stretch of the Dwarka Expressway proves to be a boon to all the commuters who are traveling from Delhi to Gurugram providing them a hassle free, congestion-free travel space to all.

The expressway even opens up avenues for planned commercial and urban development in the region. It has even been termed as the new Gurugram because of the booming IT sectors, corporate offices, shopping malls and markets. Whatever it be, the investors who are looking for prospective option available in the market finds an excellent option in Dwarka Expressway. This is a huge bonus for the Gurugram real estate market and also the Indian real estate market at large.

Author Bio
Justin Carlos is a renowned builder and have got some successful projects under his name. In this article he states the reasons why Gurugram keeps finding new investors for the new commercial projects.

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