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Teachergive Sale 2023

Comparison of Online Shopping Trends Between Men and Women Globally

>> May 26, 2017

Ask your parents and grandparents if they had thought that something like online shopping was ever possible. Today with technological and scientific advancements, e-commerce is a blooming and flourishing industry. Innumerable online stores are now available where almost all kinds of items are available. The most interesting thing that drives men and women towards online shopping is the amazing deals and discounts that are offered by the various brands and the stores. Right from grabbing attractive branded shirts online offers to great deals and discounts on various kinds of electronic items, online shopping comes with many benefits.

Comparing online shopping trends for men and women

For growing and developing online business, it is important to target customers in the right manner. They have to study statistics and data and understand which kinds of products are bought by which category of people. Marketing and sale strategies are decided accordingly. For instance, with online shopping trends, both men and women are seen to purchase products. But there are differences in buying styles and patterns. Understanding these varying trends can help in making the right online business plan.

Here are some common things that are noted for online shopping for men and women separately:
  • As per statistics, about 72% of women in US shop online on regular basis. The percentage is 68% for men in the US.
  • Shopping from a mobile platform is on the rise; people buy things from the smartphone or the tab even on the move. 22.2% men are seen shopping on a smartphone, while 20.4% men use a tablet for online shopping. The figures are on the lower side for women. About 18.2% women use their smartphone for online shopping and 16.9% women use a tab for the same.
  • When compared to men, women spend 20% more time in online shopping. Women just love shopping and invest lots of time in the same, whether online or offline.
  • When it comes to saving money while shopping online, women have a clear upper hand. Statistics reports prove that 71% women who buy things online use various kinds of coupon codes for availing deals and discounts on products. The percentage of men in this regard is 59%.
For instance, if there are discount shirts for women available at any leading online store, women are sure to grab the opportunity at once. There is also another way of saving money while shopping online and this is applicable for both men and women. Shop with a cash back credit card and save money on clothes, accessories, shoes, paying restaurant bills, airline reservations, flowers etc.

Who buys what online?

We have got some clear data on shopping trends for both men and women. There are some segments in which women purchase more than men and vice versa. For instance, when it comes to clothes, shoes and accessories, women buy 29%, while men buy 17%. Mentioned below are the percentages of purchasing done in different segments:
·         Books – women 18%, men 13%
·         Music – both men and women 11%
·         Furniture and home items – women 10%, men 6%
·         Travel – women 23%, men 20%
·         Airline reservations – women 15%, men 12%
·         Cosmetics – women 11%, men 3%
·         Auctions – men 13%, women 10%
·         Drugs and remedies – women 12%, men 10%
·         Computers and hardware ­- men 10%, women 4%

Seeing the trends, it can be said that time is not far when online shopping will be the ultimate place for shopping for people who love fashion, design and trendy things.

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