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How to Encourage Babies to Walk

>> Jul 25, 2017

It might seem that for the first few months, your baby doesn’t do much except sleep, drink and soil its diapers. Then suddenly, from Month 4 onwards, it will be milestone after milestone for them to touch. Within the extent of a few months, your genius baby will be rolling over, sitting up, standing, crawling, and most importantly, walking.

Encouraging Babies to Walk 

Most babies learn to walk on their own by the time they reach their 10th month in the real world. Long before that, they began their preparation to take the first few independent steps by crawling, standing and then pulling themselves up by holding on to something in the room. This transition from sitting up to taking independent steps may take a short time or a long time, depending on the baby.

Each child in unique and they start walking anytime between their 9th to 18th month. While parents can’t actually rush walking, there are definitely some ways to encourage your child to walk by the time they approach their first birthday.
  • Entice them with Their Favorite Toys 
This is the oldest trick in the book! Take one of their favorite toys in your hand, just out of their reach and watch them go to great lengths to get it. This is also a great way to get your baby to stand up or learn to reach, by holding something above them slightly out of contact. If this is a toy that your baby absolutely loves, they are definitely going to try and walk a few steps to grab it.

  • Line up your Furniture 
If possible, line up several strong and sturdy furniture along one wall of your room so that your baby can walk by holding on to them. This procedure is known as cruising; lining up furniture along a wall helps your baby to walk around the room without any human assistance. However, it is important that every piece of furniture your baby is going to use to support themselves is well-built and has been baby-proofed.
  • Assist them to Walk 
The first time your baby is going to walk isn’t going to be by themselves, but when holding your hand. Use both hands to get your baby to stand up and take little steps, while you support them. This is one of the first steps of walking for a baby; the more practice they’re going to have to walk with your support, the stronger their legs are going to become, and the quicker they can learn to take little steps of their own.
  • Call them to You 
Wait on the other end of the room and call to your child to come to you. The first few times, they will be crawling to you; but as their legs grow stronger and they feel the inherent need to walk, they will definitely try to take small steps in reaching to you. You or your partner on either corners of the room could be the motivation they need to start walking on their own when you both keep calling to your baby.
  • Let them be Barefooted 
Instead of making your baby wear socks or indoor shoes while they are trying to walk, let them be barefooted. It is much better if their feet come in contact with the floor when they are learning to walk for the first time, given that the floor is neither cold nor slippery. Socks and shoes are great for other occasions, but when your baby is learning to walk, it is the best if you keep them barefooted for as long as possible.

  • Don’t Force your Baby too Much 
We all get impatient watching our baby learning to walk but parents should remember one thing: you can’t force your baby to learn to walk before they are ready. Every child develops in their own time; a sudden fall while trying to walk can frighten your baby and discourage them from walking for a few days. If such a thing happens, don’t force them to start walking until they are ready to try again.

  • Invest in a Push Toy 
If you want to assist your child to walk, invest in a push toy from a good brand. These are versatile toys that your baby will have fun playing with, as well as get support from when they first learn to walk. It is always better to buy a good push toy that comes recommended by other parents and caregivers, lest you want your baby to have an accident with them. Push toys are very safe for your baby when they first learn to walk, but there should always be adult supervision when they are using it.

  •  Never Stop Praising them 
Even very young children who don’t understand words know when they are being praised for their actions. Whenever they are trying to walk, stay close to your baby and keep on encouraging them; praise their actions even when they falter and fail. Your words of encouragement will reach them and help them to try more, until they are confident enough to walk unassisted. 

We can never push a baby to start walking before they are ready, but as parents and caregivers, we can certainly encourage them to reach their full potential when its time. There are a number of things that we can do to make sure our babies are learning to walk in the correct way, at the correct time, and help them develop the way they are meant to.

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How to Choose the Right Mattress for Growing Children

>> Jul 23, 2017

When your child grows up enough to be shifted from a cot to a bed, choosing a mattress that is just right can be a bewildering affair due to the number of options available. You need to get your selection right because otherwise, your child’s body growth and spine development could easily be hampered not to mention disturbed sleep leading to increased stress and an array of health issues. All mattresses are not the same even though they may look alike. Some tips on getting the choice right:

Mattresses for Small Children Are Not an Unnecessary Expense

Depending on what you child may feel, toddlers can be moved from a cot to a big bed or they might prefer the snug comfort of a toddler bed. Unfortunately, they will very soon grow out of it too. The mattress that you opt to use on a toddler bed or on a normal bed has a critical role to play as at that age the spine of the child is growing and developing rapidly, especially when sleeping. The mattress needs to provide the support that is required for this growth to take place naturally

Spinal Support Is Vital

For the child’s spine to be able to grow without any hindrance, the mattress support should be such that both the neck and spine are in a neutral position. Amazing as it may seem, a child’s spine may grow by as much as 1.5 cm when sleeping at night due to inter-vertebral discs filling up with water. Therefore, it is essential that the mattress should be comfortably soft without allowing the body to sink in too much. As the child’s spine is extremely flexible it can adapt very easily to the stress due to an unsupportive mattress, however, this lays the foundation for more permanent deformation when exposed to stress continuously and for long duration. Refer to memoryfoamtalk on loom and leaf for more details on how mattresses affect spinal alignment.

Ensure That the Mattress Is Clean

Even though the law specifies that new mattresses must be dust mite treated before being sold, it is quite natural for dust mites to develop over time. Dust mites are a leading cause of respiratory tract diseases like asthma. It is worth keeping in mind that you keep on shedding skin and losing a lot of moisture while sleeping, so the mattress can become quite unhygienic over time. Moisture-barrier and anti-allergenic properties can be added with special-purpose mattress cover, however, using sprays to remove bacteria and dust mites is not recommended as the child will end up inhaling toxic chemicals as well. Cleaning bed sheets, airing the bed, dusting, and vacuuming are good ways of ensuring less buildup of dust mites, however, the most effective method is mattress replacement every few years.


Even though it may not seem so, choosing the right type of mattress and keeping it as clean as possible is the best way of ensuring a healthy growth environment for your child. Many of the physical and psychological issues that are encountered in later life often have roots in sleep quality in childhood.

Author Bio: Charles Morrison is a sleep researcher and has written a number of informative articles on memoryfoamtalk on loom and leaf on the issue of mattress selection for different target groups.


Guides To Hire The Best Family Law Attorney

For the majority of people, going through a divorce is extremely emotional. When you are going through a situation and you are in need of divorce attorney, there are a number of advantages that a divorce lawyer can offer. When you hire a family lawyer, you can find different family law attorney’s  online, you can aid in the emotions that come with divorce and also protect those emotions from interfering with the divorce procedure. Furthermore, a divorce lawyer is highly experienced negotiator who can aid and minimize the toll as well as expenditure of divorce through facilitating partnerships outside of the court. Divorce attorney’s realize the facts regarding divorce and the negotiation process and make sure that your requirements and concerns are given attention during the combined or mediated divorce process. Family law is mainly subjective and also a nuanced field of law. Expert family attorneys are familiar with what settlements their customers can realistically gain given their circumstances. Lawyers also have access to respected professionals such as psychologists, property appraisers, talented specialists, and others whose opinions can be substantial during litigation and negotiations.
Look for Right Attorney

When considering where to take your divorce case, you should look for family law attorney’s in your area. You should always try and find the professionals who have great standings and reviews and are well known among the judges, and local authorities. Once you have gathered a few names, you should do some personal research to gain more knowledge on their services and reputation. Google should be able to provide you with articles, news stories, and other reviews on the attorney you are looking into. You can also find a lot out about professionals when you look at their social media pages. Once you have narrowed it down, look at their websites to make your final decision. Finally, plan an in person meeting with the attorney to make sure they are going to be a great fit for you.

Make Your Decision

After you have met with the attorney and shared your research with them and asked any questions that you had, you should be able to make a decision. You want to choose an attorney that you are comfortable around and you feel confident will be able to answer your questions. You can often find testimonials on their website that would be good to look over. If you do have any doubts, feel free to express them to the attorney and see how the react to you. You should always try and stay away from attorney’s who have chosen to solicit your companies business or anyone who is advising you do anything unethical. The right attorney will not pressure you into hiring them to handle your case. If they know someone else who would be a better fit for your exact situation they should refer you to their office and make sure that you are well taken care of.


Malaysian Restaurant in Oxford

>> Jul 21, 2017

The richness of the Malaysian food culture in Oxford is unparalleled; they hold some culinary traditions that it's nearly impossible for someone to label it out. Malaysian holds a huge part of Asian food traditions. Their mash-ups are exotic and taste amazing. Now while you are in Malaysia do not miss the chance of trying authentic Malaysian food.
Chili peppers become indispensable when it comes to Malaysian style food. Chilies are very integral part of the Malaysian kitchen. It is used in all shapes, sizes, and variants. Malaysia also offers an excellent array of beverages; you should try Milo, it is a malted drink which is enjoyed by all ages. You can try Malaysian coffee (kopi) and tea (teh).You can find several customized drinks that are very suited to your taste.

Rice is an important part of the Malaysian cuisine and is an integral component of any meal. All other dishes become accompaniments and sides. You can find Javanese, Chinese and Indian influence that has been integrated into the Malay food culture.

Here are some of the things that you must try before your trip ends: Roti canai, Malaysian style Chicken curry, Hainanese chicken rice, Chili Crab and Black Pepper Crab, Beef rendang, Oyster omelet and Fried chicken. There are certain other dishes that you must try are Popiah, Mee Goreng, Char kuey teow, Bak kut teh, Sambal udang and also Asam pedas. Lemongrass and tofu; especially fried tofu are very distinctive and traditional sides used in the Malaysian cuisine. Congee which is rice type porridge is a traditional and popular dish, it has a mild flavor to it and is easily digestible.

A special mention and one of the must tries in the exotic Malaysian cuisine is a traditional breakfast dish which nowadays been eaten at pretty much anytime. It is one of the delicacies that you absolutely cannot miss. It is a rice based dish with pandan leaves and coconut milk. It is so popular and so much in demand that many a time Malaysians call it their national dish. The rich fragrance of nasi lemak makes it mouthwatering; it is accompanied with ikan bilis, peanuts, sliced cucumber, hard boiled eggs, and sambal. This wholesome dish can fill your stomach and keep you satiated. 

To start your meal, you can try the different type of salads or dishes that are made from fruits. One thing you should and must try are the assortments of proteins and seafood combinations that they offer. They are delicious be it at a streetside stall or in a traditional Malaysian style dine-in you have to get a taste of the seafood section to complete your meal.

Try a Malaysian restaurant in London and see the difference for yourself, the intense flavors can certainly make a difference to your taste buds. Rather than trying a different mix of Malaysian of cuisine, you should first try authentic Malaysian dishes. Malaysian restaurants in Oxford have an awe-inspiring selection of mouthwatering dishes that you have to try. Malaysian delicacies are always worth the money you spend on them.


Make This Year’s Birthday a Snow-Filled Day to Remember

It is estimated that between 60 and 100 million men, women, and children take to the slopes every single year to enjoy the snowy parts of the world but this is a seasonal enjoyment unless you know where to go. This year, your beloved child is about to reach a very important age and it is high time that you give him or her one of the coolest birthday parties that he or she will ever remember experiencing. You need not worry about going far to make it happen. Birthday venues are often similar in design with little more than a themed table and a free dessert offered by way of making the big day special; however, this is not true of a party involving skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and more.
Why Snow

Snow is one of the world’s many wonders and it is exceptionally fun for adults and children alike to play with in a wide range of ways. That said, snow can be difficult to find if you are not in the right part of the world and the cost of visiting a ski resort just for a day of fun can quickly add up if you have a large party to throw. In addition, most traditional skiing and snowboarding locations are not suited to children unless you keep the fun to a very specific location, whereas a party venue specifically designed to offer all the fun of snow without the danger would change everything.

Clothing to Wear

Auckland coolest kids birthday parties are easy to book and highly cost-effective with only a few rules as to what you should wear when attending the place of fun and snow. After all, the temperatures kept inside such a facility may reach -5 degrees, meaning that you must take certain precautions against the cold for yourself and anyone else attending the party. It is recommended that a ski jacket and pants be worn with at least two layers of warm clothing on underneath as protection against the cold when having fun.

Once you know that you have your clothing right, dress your head with a thick beanie to keep your ears, head, and forehead protected from the very cold winds produced when skiing, snowboarding, or tobogganing down the slopes. You should also always wear gloves and boots. That said, it is possible for you to rent the jacket and pants that you need if you should arrive underdressed for the occasion. These rules are important for you to follow, especially when dressing any younger children who may be especially sensitive to the cold.

After the Snow

Once your party members have their fill of the snow and fun, it will be time for them to go inside to enjoy cake and many other amenities at the specially decorated table set up for them. The birthday boy or girl will easily stand out once he or she receives his or her special badge to indicate his or her identity and it will be so exciting to see everyone freshly in from the snow with smiles on their faces and empty bellies.


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