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SEO and Beyond: The Things to Consider

>> Dec 5, 2017

While trying to boost traffic to their websites, several companies would be relying massively on SEO. This is a logical thing to do as SEO is known to play a pivotal role in boosting traffic to your websites and acting as the real savior. Search Engine Optimization is certainly the key to your business success online but you must appreciate that SEO is merely a starting point. You need to look beyond SEO, for achieving your goals.

The Undeniable Role of SEO

SEO could be referred to the complex process of assessing your website and going about redesigning it in such manner so that Google seems to be happy with it, and in turn, the users would stay happy. Perfect SEO efforts would get you a higher ranking on the search engine results page. The higher ranking would ensure a certain boost in traffic to your website. Driving more traffic to your website has been your ultimate goal.

So, why is SEO regarded as just the starting point even though it helps you achieve what you have been looking for? Well, SEO is regarded as just the initial step because even though, it helps to boost traffic to your website, there would be minor increases in conversions or ROIs. This is because more visitors would not necessarily mean that your website is attracting potential leads. You must keep in mind that SEO success does not rely only on numbers. SEO is mainly about activity, about doing the right things so that there is a boost in audience engagement levels. Once more traffic is diverted to your website; you need to ensure that there are more relevant visitors leading to more conversions. Here are ways to make sure that you are attracting relevant visitors or potential leads.

Opt for AdWords & PPC for Attracting Specialized Leads

SEO may help you in attracting more traffic to your website. But AdWords lets you select precise keywords and specific search terms that would attract only relevant traffic or potential leads only. With the effective use of AdWords, you could successfully convert disinterested and irrelevant new visitors into more potential customer leads. You can browse https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ for PPC and SEO solutions.

Shoot Custom-Made or Individualized Emails for Convincing Your Best Leads

When SEO is able to drive more and more traffic to your website and once you have identified some potential leads, you could consider shooting emails to them. Your emails must necessarily contain personalized content for convincing the best leads to come back to your website. If someone has been reading a number of your articles talking about a specific service or product you offer, you may consider emailing him the new article you have written on the same topic. Focus on the personalized aspect and do not send articles written on some other products or services, he has so far demonstrated no interest in.

Consistent Social Media Posts for Interacting with People Who Care

The best thing about social networking is that it proves to be an effective filter for seeing who are interested in your products, services, and business and who all are not. People, who have been following you on Twitter, like you on Facebook, and subscribe to you even on YouTube, are surely interested in your brand. They could prove to be your best leads and eventual customers. You must keep them constantly updated with your new services or products that they may be interested in.  This would make sure that the best leads would be visiting your website regularly.


The above-discussed strategies are elements of inbound marketing strategy. This marketing tactic specializes in converting ordinary visitors into really great prospects.  Combining both inbound marketing and SEO is the best way of boosting your business.

Author Bio: Steve Reynolds is an SEO expert who runs his own consultancy services. He is an avid blogger and his posts are interesting and informative. He recommends https://www.sandcrestseo.com/ for perfect SEO solutions.

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