4 Myths You Probably Believe about Solar Energy

>> Dec 30, 2017

Over the years, solar energy has established itself as one of the most reliable renewable energy sources of our time. Nearly everyone agrees that an investment in solar energy is an investment in the future. There have been several discussions on the benefits of solar power installation.

While most of the conversations surrounding solar power installations are true, some of the proposed discussions are not entirely factual. We will have a closer look of some things you probably believe about solar energy but aren’t true.

Solar panels don’t work in cold conditions

Many people have grown to believe that solar panels only work in sunny conditions. However, recent research has revealed that solar panels work best under cold, sunny conditions. There is increase in conductivity in cold temperatures, resulting in efficient flow of electricity. On the contrary, higher temperatures can reduce the efficiency of solar panels. When panels grow hotter because of the sun’s intensity, less power is produced from the same amount of light.

Solar panels damage roofs

Most homeowners are concerned about the longevity of their roofs after installation of solar panels. Do the panels damage roofs? If you settle on experienced professional installers, you will not have to worry about solar panels damaging your roof. Regardless of your roof condition, pitch or angle, solar panel installers can pull off a perfect job as long as they are experienced.

Under certain circumstances, solar panels can actually prolong the life of roof tiles by protecting the underlying roof from external elements. To enhance air flow, the installers have the solar panels installed just a few inches above the existing roof.

Solar panels need a lot of maintenance

While many people agree that the initial costs of solar installation might be hefty, what scares more people away is the idea of spending more on solar power maintenance. According to Pelamis Power experts, this is just another myth. If you have your system connected to the grid, it becomes easier to maintain the solar system.

Most people do not understand that solar panels are basically constructed in a way that makes it possible for them to withstand harsh elements. In case of debris, dust or snow accumulation on the solar panels, all that will be required is a simple cleaning process using water. Original solar panels can withstand hail, sleet and other weather elements. If you have a solar system without batteries, the cleaning and maintenance becomes even easier.

Excess energy is stored in batteries

If your solar system is connected to the grid, you will reap from a net metering system. If your solar system produces more electricity on certain days, the excesses will be credited to your own account. If there is need for more electricity at night when the system is not running, you will make use of the extra electricity produced and stored earlier.

If handled in the right way, solar power is a great investment. Before making such an investment however, it is important to understand what you are getting into. Will it help you save on energy costs in the long-term?

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