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Bringing Consistency in Web Design - How You Can Achieve It

>> Dec 5, 2017

There is an excellent value in providing consistency in digital interfaces. People who are browsing the internet encounter plenty of websites which all have various styles but most generally feature similar page designs and elements. Many designers won't even ponder on these features like the page headers, menus relating to navigation, the body copy, call to action button, et cetera. 

When you design with consistency, you shall learn about creating such interfaces which would encourage conventional user behaviors. The layouts you put will generate more trust; it will instruct users repetitive patterns which will help users in understanding and go through your site significantly quicker. In this article, you shall learn about how you can provide consistency in your web designs. 
1. Design to cater to User Expectations

Most users will expect web pages to work in a definite way. It will have a vertical scroll, clickable links, and navigation ought to be visible instantly from when they load your page the first time. To design for consistency, having a clear and neat uniform design is necessary throughout your entire layout. You will have to provide visual consistency, where the help guides, navigation bars should be consistent with your whole website. Users do not want to ponder too much, so your design must be such that it encourages reading.  You can provide only the necessary call to action buttons for specific functions like for buying the product and getting a demonstration.

Some users might not want those options, for them the navigation bar is essential, and you must design it carefully. Users might wish to look at new features or even extensions for getting support. You must add elements that are consistent with your business and your user's aims. If you are aware of what users may expect to find on your website then you should design with those expectations in mind – they need to be addressed. You can also redesign layouts when you feel like a time for change has come. Do not make any drastic changes as that can put your visitors off, make minor changes gradually to help optimize the user's experience and also to enhance the website's performance.

Consistency is not only concerned with keeping your pages similar and functional, but it also signifies being consistent in your redesigns when you deem it to be necessary.

2. An Intuitive System of Navigation
Your visitors must be able to get a lot of information about your business simply from your website's header. It should explain your business's website, what your company is about and where the vital navigation links are. Besides having a nicely designed navigation, you would also require having a great copy so that your pages become exciting and make your visitors understand specifically what are the products your business deals with and what services you provide.

You can stylize the Nav text or restyle it in various ways like optimizing or changing the font size, the style of the writing, the elements of the interface to create more responsive navigations. You must ensure to remain consistent and maintain these links so that they are easy and simple to use. The nav links will work well when they explain easily what is on each page of your website. You can feature the descriptions of those pages on large screens in the nav links and smaller screens for the simpler links. You have to see to it that you do not compromise on aesthetics while designing your website and your layouts because a good design style has to have brilliant visual aesthetics to charm the visitor instantly.

For big nav menus you can provide sub-menus and links in a more significant list so that when a user goes through the top categories, he or she can get a submenu right underneath it. This will make it easier for a user to browse through your website as all the information that the user is likely to want would easily available to him and browsing your content will be a breeze. To learn more about creative and consistent web designing, visit LasVegasWebDesignCo today.

3. Repeat Your Layout Styles

Repeating of layout styles generates consistency, and it can be implemented on either single landing pages or multiple page sites. You will have to use and re-use similar tools and elements everywhere throughout your pages, albeit with different graphics and contents. Repetition of certain styles can help you set a theme for your website, and this can generate familiarity within users. Consistency will generate comfort and acquaintance between your readers and your site.


Users, in general, want consistent experience for their online requirements when they visit a website. You must keep their requirements in mind while designing your website. Everything users might want must be readily accessible to them on your site.

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