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Teachergive Sale 2023

How to Host an Old-Fashioned Christmas Gathering

>> Dec 9, 2017

Although Christmas should be a joyous time of year, it often causes a lot of stress and anxiety. From splurging on extravagant gifts to faithfully attending every holiday event, the entire season can easily become overwhelming. This year, why not host an old-fashioned Christmas party that focuses on simple traditions with family and friends? Here are four fun activities to create a relaxing and memorable holiday for guests.
Bake Classic-Style Cookies

Does your family have a favorite cookie recipe that you cherished as a child? Now is the time to share it with your kids or other young family members. Baking creates a warm, cozy atmosphere in the kitchen that is inviting to everyone. Whip up a batch of classic sugar cookies, Russian tea cakes or some delicious gingersnaps. For smaller gatherings, you can let each child select a different cookie recipe to prepare.

Play Board Games

For one night, forget about the PlayStation and Xbox games and enjoy a little vintage fun. Unlike electronic games, board games can be challenging while still allowing you to relax and bond with others. Whether you like Monopoly, backgammon or Chinese checkers, these activities sharpen your mind and provide a healthy dose of entertainment. Best of all, board games can be played by family members of all ages.

Give Small Gifts to Commemorate the Event
personalized Christmas ornaments
As the host, it's nice to give a small Christmas present to attendees. Whether you prefer to make or purchase your gifts, try to choose an item that is unique to the individual. This will result in a more thoughtful gift that is likely to be remembered. One simple idea for family or friends is personalized Christmas ornaments. For those who aren't too creative, Ornament Express is one company that offers personalized holiday decorations without the long wait.

Spend Time Together Outdoors

Regardless of where you live, spend a little time enjoying the natural beauty of the season. Some festive outdoor activities include Christmas caroling, sledding or selecting the perfect holiday tree for your home. Moving around outdoors is also a great way to burn off those calories after a hearty meal.

With a little planning, you can host a traditional holiday event filled with the simple pleasures of the Christmas season. Focusing on family and friends allows you to create fun memories for everyone without all the hassle and stress.

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