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What Important Life Skills Should All Children Know by Adolescence?

>> Dec 18, 2017

It is worrying to read that sometimes schools can fail children, not in core subject matter, but in the crucial life skills that will help them become happier, healthier adults. The media warns about issues such as stress in children, anxiety, and bullying, but what steps can schools and parents take to battle these problems from a multifaceted perspective? Useful, practical life skills and natural relaxation methods should arguably given greater importance in education as a whole, both at home and at school. These are just a few your kids may benefit from learning.


Kids who are truly courageous are excited rather than dismayed by challenges. They answer questions with confidence and tranquility because they know that failure is not the be-all, end-all; it is actually the best way to learn. Courage results from unconditional love and acceptance. When children are not judged or burdened with expectations to be perfect, they learn that their opinion counts and that humor and positivity are a great way to doge curve balls.

Time Management is Key to Success

Being late for class, appointments, and meetings shows disrespect for those we have kept waiting. Failure to manage time well has important results both at school and in the professional sector, where compliance with deadlines is expected by serious professionals. Teach your kids how to measure the time they need to get ready, do their homework, have meals etc., so they can factor these in and be punctual for social and school events.

Going Back to Basics

In past decades, many schools used to teach a dedicated Home Economics subject, in which children learned how to sew and cook. It can be difficult to find the time to teach children these skills, yet as soon as they reach their university years and fly the coop, things can get disastrous if they don’t know how to sew a hem or cook themselves a healthy meal.

There are so many ways to get children interested in cooking. Let them join you in preparing colorful, delicious meals. As for sewing, start out simply, with a needle and thread and basic stitches. As they hone their craft, consider getting them a personal sewing machine, which is smaller and easier to handle than adult sized machines.

Learning to Handle Stress Naturally

Depression and anxiety are the two most common mental conditions on a global scale and their effects on our quality of life should not be undermined. Currently, many countries are facing a prescription medication epidemic, when often, these conditions can be remedied through lifestyle changes.

There are many natural ways to deal with stress and anxiety, or even stop a panic attack in its tracks. These include controlled breathing (see the plethora of free online sessions and apps), yoga for kids, and mindfulness meditation. All these methods actually lower stress hormone levels, and help kids contain powerful emotions such as anger, frustration, and worry.

The Hidden Potential of Conflict

Kids should know that conflict can be positive; it can clear the air and serve to express the things we do not like, in a productive manner. Conflict resolution skills begin at home. When someone is angry with someone else in the family, do they go ‘straight to the horse’s mouth’ and solve it? Or do they go to another family member and gossip? Triangling should be avoided; conflicts should ideally be solved directly between those concerned.

Other important skills include using non-defensive language (avoiding “you never” and “you always” statements), employing the right body language, and discussing matters with a view to solving a problem rather than ‘winning’ an argument. Kids should see the family unit as a team with common goals, to reduce tension during tense discussions.

Maths, Languages, Arts… All these subjects are important for children to succeed and thrive. However, because skills such as emotional intelligence, preparing meals and sewing, and stress relief are often bypassed at school, parents can do their best to fill the gap and help children feel whole, happy and at peace, which is perhaps the greatest gift of all.

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