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Different Types of Business Aptitude Tests to Consider

>> Dec 28, 2017

When you start any business and plan to serve the customers in an efficient manner, you need to understand that it is not one man’s job. There are many critical things to be considered such as how much revenue needs to be achieved on monthly basis, what would be the target you need to focus on while communicating with the clients, how much is the competition in the market and of all, do you really have a good team to perform the right tasks on the right time. That is why, when the hiring managers decides to come up with the idea of recruiting a staff there must be an aptitude and technical round of test that needs to be conducted.

The tests used for assessing the candidates’ potentiality:

There are different types of test that can be used for different types of jobs such as finance and sales. The test is used in different conditions of supervisions but it is mostly with an assessor to the hiring manager.

Business Aptitude Test:

There is a different business aptitude test for different jobs. The test solely focuses on assessing the potentiality of the candidate, which we also know, as the ability to learn, succeed and even adapt to the changes at the work. It appears that such type of test generally distinguishes them from the faster learners through the pool of applicants who would want to be a part of your company.

As a hiring manager, the decision is solely on you for which type of version you would want to go with. Each test varies in terms of the roles that are designed for recruiting purpose. The test can also be relevant to the face validity. Suppose there is a numerical based role such as one in the bank might want to assess the candidate keeping financial needs in mind and so on. Let us consider the most common aspect of test which is generally conducted for the managerial and graduate roles.

Know the types of the tests to be used for assessment: The types of tests that can be used for assessment are-
·         Critical Information Analysis
·         Critical Business Planning
·         Business Decision Analysis

‘Business Decision Analysis’ test

This test is used by the recruiter to identify and understand the concepts and rules that are associated with business decision underpinning. The test has a particular time line set which is allowed for around 40 minutes. It includes nearly 48 questions to assess the abilities like developing skills, identifying the concepts, and dissecting the information along with proper reasoning and analysing.

 ‘Critical Business Planning’ test

This test is similar to Business Decision Analysis that also covers the similar skills test. However, along with it, the candidates needs to be assessed to understand if he is well aware about the concepts and rules associated with underpinning the decisions of the business and whether he has got a good interests in the business administration area or not.

 ‘Critical Information Analysis’ test

This test is solely to identify the learning business concepts ability, ability of lack of information and decision making ability which every candidate needs to be aware about.

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