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What To Give At A Baptism: Proper Etiquette For Guests

>> Dec 8, 2017

If you have been invited to a baptism, the first thought that crosses your mind is likely, "What should I bring?" For many years, a silver spoon has been one of the most common gifts to give. However, there are other choices available to you. For example, porridge bowls, silver cups and even silver jewellery boxes are all appropriate. It is also customary to engrave the child's name on the gift, as well as the giver's name, whenever possible.


Presenting The Gift

The church that the ceremony is held at dictates much of what will occur during the baptism. In most cases, family and friends are allowed to be present at the ceremony. However, there are times that only close family is allowed, along with the regular congregation. Talk to the parents ahead of time so that you understand what is expected of you. Typically, there is a reception following the baptism. If you have purchased a gift for the baby at another time, like for a shower or when visiting the child in the hospital, you do not have to bring another present for the reception. It is a nice touch to give a card and let the new parents know you are thinking of them and the baby on this special day.



Have you been asked to be a Godparent? If so, you have special responsibilities to the child and the family. Tradition dictates that you give the little one a gift but also that you receive one yourself. The parents usually give you a little something to let you know that they are grateful for your presence in their child's life. Your gift should be something silver that the child can have for many years to come. If you engrave the item, make sure it has the baby's name on it. Part of the baptism ceremony involves a focus on the child's name. It is also appropriate to engrave a little quote or an expression of good wishes.


Selecting A Present

You may be more familiar with baby showers than christenings; baby showers are typically more informal and are usually not religious. A baptism, on the other hand, is one way of recognising a baby within a church community. Therefore, it is common to give a gift that has some religious significance. This can be difficult, particularly if the family's faith is not one that you are familiar with. If you are not sure what to do, find a gift that is inspirational instead. For example, you could pick up a nice book, a picture frame, or even a bible. Clothing, blankets and money are all great ideas as well. Similar to a silver wedding cup, there are also silver cups for babies. If you are crafty, making something for the baby is a wonderful idea. For example, crotchet a blanket, present a lace gown or give the little one a bonnet. Your gift may be handed down through the years, making it something very sentimental and special to the family. A gift of money is always welcome, as is a savings bond or investment certificate. Baptisms are a way of celebrating a child's future, and this type of gift recognises that.


Giving A Gift

When you are giving a baptism gift, it is customary to present the baby with something that has religious undertones. This is easy enough to do; there are online stores that offer a variety of items that are perfect for a baptism or christening. You can do one of two things; you can either navigate to the site with a gift in mind, and do a search for that item, or you can look for a list of popular gift ideas. Sometimes it helps to see what others have purchased, particularly if you are struggling with what to get the new baby.

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