Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

How to find the best apartment for your needs

>> Dec 18, 2017

Are you ready to move out of your current place for one these reasons? Fought with your roommate or your current owner. Tired of living in the same space for too long. Moving out of the parent’s apartment to live on your own. A student, looking for a simple apartment. Perhaps, the budget change and you would like an upgrade or downgrade your rent. Kicked out by a roommate. Or the worst of all the reasons, the existing apartment is haunted! No matter what the reason is searching for a perfect place to live could be very straining and even traumatic. To reduce your strain, I’m going to give a few tips on your apartment moving plans.

Look up the location

Having a perfect location for an apartment may not be achievable. However, you will have to consider the location for its safety, transport access and of course, your other conveniences. You must make sure you have a grocery store or a supermarket, a laundry and the place has to be close your work, the university.

Be wise about the budget

Take a pen and a paper or use your smartphone. Everyone has one. Sit down and plan your monthly expenses. Divide all the expenses including your rent, bills and another extra amount that you spend on miscellaneous things. Don’t forget to add your retail therapy bills to it. Once you decide the amount you want to save on rent, take the next step.

Pick your partner

Talk to your family and friends to discuss your move. There must be a friend who is willing to share the apartment with you. Also, look for a known roommate who can share your rent. That way you can certainly use that amount for more retail therapy. Who doesn’t love shopping! Also, you don’t want an eerie roommate with strange habits, do you?

Detect the damages

Don’t decide on a place even if you find it for a lesser rent. You might end up spending more on fixing the place. And your landlord may not compensate you for that amount. So, investigate by becoming Sherlock. You don’t need a magnifying glass. Check the walls, flooring, cupboards, bathroom, every water outlet, lighting and heating system, and if there are creepy and crawly creatures lurking. You can even observe the neighbourhood for a while to understand the place.

Question your curiosity

If you have already liked the place, wait and do not pay until you get to know your landlord. First, you have to look nice and trustworthy. Once you create that impression, ask a lot of questions. If he or she is sounding too sweet; remember the biggest lesson we learnt as children? ‘Don’t talk to strangers. Leave! If the person checks out, talk about the rent plan, rent agreement, parking, amenities and other hidden costs. Don’t forget to ask who will pay for the repairs when they come.  If they are the minor ones, you may not have to worry. However, you certainly don’t want to take the big repairs on yourself for a rented apartment.

Now, that you have a little help on how to look for a good and a safe apartment to move, find a good apartment and share these tips with your friends.

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