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Hair Facts: The Hair Behind Your Hair Extensions

>> Dec 12, 2017

What's Virgin hair? What is Remy hair? How different are the two? How do I know which hair is the best one for hair extensions? These questions are very common for anyone who is considering getting hair extensions. So, let's try and break down these questions and get some answers.

Remy Hair

Remy hair will still have all cuticles correctly lined in the same directions. The hair is very carefully gathered from a single donor in a way that the cuticle is kept pointing in the same direction as the hair next to it. Remy hair is silkier and softer because of its natural flow; this type of hair is also less sensitive to knotting and tangling. When you're researching and shopping for hair extensions, you will come across the name “Remy hair” quite a bit.

There's also Virgin Remy hair which means it has not been treated with chemicals and all cuticles are lined in the same direction. If you're new to extensions and want to find the best quality hair extensions, visit Jadore Hair Supplies and choose from their wide selection of 100% Remy Indian and Russian hair extensions.

Single Drawn

Hair is gathered in bundles, and any hair that sticks out will be taken out from one end to make a bundle of hair that closely measures the same length. This process is called single drawn hair. The usual is two inches off. So for example, 22 inches of single drawn hair can have strands that are either 20 or 24 inches long.

Double Drawn

The removal process for double drawn hair is conducted a total of two times. Shorter hair is removed, and usually, the hair is cut evenly to a particular length before selling it. This process allows for the double drawn hair to have a solid length from the top all the way down to the ends. Double drawn hair is the more expensive option and generally not as popular as other hair types.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair is, in general, the cheapest hair available. It is man-made fibre that is made to look like your own hair. Synthetic hair moves differently and has a different sheen than human hair, thus, does not blend well with human hair.

Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is the highest quality human hair available. The hair is collected from a single donor and is never chemically processed. What this means is that the hair has never been bleached, coloured, permed, etc. True virgin hair has all of the cuticles perfectly in line in the same direction. 

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