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Compression Therapy; Should You Invest in Recovery Boots?

>> Dec 4, 2017

In the recovery arena, compression therapy is nothing new. In the past years, many athletes have actively relied on compression socks and shorts after intensive workouts. After sprinting or participating in plyometric, it is believed that compression garments help to ease muscle soreness. In recent years, we have seen arise in the use of compression boots. Often referred to as compression sleeves, these thigh-high boots offer pneumatic compression as a way of reviving the legs for subsequent performances.

Does compression therapy work?

In pneumatic compression therapy, where the sleeves are used, there is more intense pressure involved. The sleeves feature several pumps connected to a control unit and a pump. The compression boots are programmed to ensure pulsating compression on targeted areas. Essentially, the recovery boots promote lymphatic flush. It helps the removal of waste products from specific areas, thereby reducing swelling and promoting healthy blood flow within the legs and the rest of the body.

Unlike many common recovery techniques in use today, compression recovery boots are hinged on a scientific background. Devices such as Recovery Pump have been in the market for some time now. Originally, they were used to treat lymphedema and prevent deep vein thrombosis. Over time, they have proven useful to athletes by enhancing quick recovery after intense training. They also ensure improved flexibility as well as enhanced range of motion. Physical therapists and various trainers have recommended this treatment for several years. The positive reviews and overwhelming endorsements by renowned athletes seem to provide more reasons for the tremendous growth in popularity of compression therapy.

Benefits of compression therapy

Investing in the right compression boots come with several benefits. For professional athletes, you can experience:

  • Reduced inflammation of the legs and significant decrease in water accumulations
  • Speedy elimination of toxins such as lactic acids after intense trainings
  • Tightening of loose skin
  • Massive improvement in blood circulation
  • Prevention of cellulite development
  • Prevention and elimination of first-stage varicose veins

Generally, the compression sleeves aim to maximize recovery after workouts. You will look better and train even harder in the subsequent sessions. Remember, they are not just for professional athletes. Non-athletes can still use them and enjoy substantial benefits.

Invest in the best compression sleeves

Not all compression recovery boots are designed equal. You need to know that right from the onset. You will find different products in the market from various companies. If you are going for these recovery equipment, opt for quality products. Even more importantly, choose supplies known for great customer services. This way, you will learn how best to make use of such equipment without any inconveniences. Advisably, you should carry out your research and settle on nothing but the best.

Compression knee-high sleeves are not the latest recovery techniques in the market. They have been around for quite some time. Many athletes, trainers and physical therapists recommend them for maximum recovery after workouts. Before investing in a pair, however, talk to your therapist or personal trainer to find out whether they are good for you.

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