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Teachergive Sale 2023

Home Heating Safety Tips for the Cold Season

>> Dec 13, 2017

Many people are looking for sources of home heating as the cold season arrives. Space heaters, wood burning stoves, and fireplaces are being used to decrease heating costs. Unfortunately, this led to the increase in residential fires over the years. Studies show that it can claim a life in 2 minutes and can bring down a house in 5.

Here are some safety measures to help save your life and property.

1.    Electric Space Heaters
      Check that your heater has a mechanism for thermostat control before using it. It should automatically turn off if the heater tips over.
       Always plug the heater directly to a wall outlet, not a power strip or extension cord. Unplug it when you are not using it.
       Don’t leave the heater if you’re outside the house or asleep.

2.    Kerosene Heaters
       Consult the local fire department for any regulations that govern the use of a kerosene heater.
       Let the appliance cool down first before you refuel it. Always refuel outside the house.
       Buy a container that facilitates safe storage of the fuel. Place it in the garage or shed, not in your living room.
       Make sure that the room is well-ventilated when you use the heater.
       Don’t fill the heater with camp stove fuel or gasoline because they can easily flare-up.

3.    Wood Stoves
       Make sure that you strictly follow the installation and maintenance guidelines given by the manufacturer.
       Check the unit for any cracks before using the stove. The legs should also be secure. The hinges and doors should seal correctly and operate smoothly.
       Check and clean the chimneys and pipes for any damage or obstruction on a regular basis.

4.    Fireplace
       Use a fire screen made out of heat-tempered glass or durable metal to protect your house from sparks.
       Use dry wood only and add it to the fireplace carefully.
       Check that the dampers are working.
       Never leave the fire unattended.
       Discard hot embers and ashes in metal containers.

5.    Central Heating System
       Don’t store combustible items near the furnace.
       Make sure that the installation and automatic shutdown systems are compliant with the local fire safety code and are in good working order.
       The furnace should be regularly inspected and maintained every year by a qualified professional.

If you are not sure about the quality of your existing heater, consult a professional heating contractor for a thorough evaluation and inspection.

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