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The benefit of active aging to hearing loss

>> Dec 28, 2017

Hearing plays a vital role in human life and it is an important function in human body. Hearing loss is an extremely common disorder and many people are affected by hearing loss. A noise pollution is also responsible for occurring the hearing loss, loud noise is used to produce by many people. A major factor of having hearing loss is the aging section. Plenty of people are there who suffering from hearing loss at the interval period of an old age. Injury is also responsible for occurring hearing loss among and at last but not least medicine infection is too responsible for becoming the hearing impairment.


After 60 years of an age most people are affected by hearing loss and Out of five persons there are two who are having hearing at old age. There’s an old age saying that with age comes wisdom. According to an Indian report hearing difficulty found in the young generation and approximately, 70% of the youth are affected by hearing loss disorder. The study also found that young generation is most likely to depend on seniors for advice related to interpersonal or family relations and life experiences.

Hearing loss is connected from cognitive decline, what can we do to maximize our brain power as we age? But beyond looking to seniors for better advice, another good idea for next generation to look forward for senior assume healthy aging habits. According to the specialist experiences on health, we found that brain power can easily improve with age. Crystallized intelligence, a term used to describe the ability to utilize the knowledge, skills and expertise acquired during your lifetime, peaks between your late 60s and early 70s While processing speed may be faster with the young generation, seniors brains are better at taking shortcuts by combine them together of life experiences.


According to an audiologist who has been fitting hearing aids since 13 years, the best part is to seeing the incredible things some of my older patients have overcome their hearing problems. Hearing loss may occur at any age and it is used to occur by birth. Hearing loss may occur even at childhood age. Hearing loss mostly among younger boys and girls and 40% of young guys are affected by hearing loss.

The major reason for having hearing loss is that they are used like smoking and alcohol and they are like to listen loud music with high level of volume and used go to noisy places like disc, clubs, family function, grand sports events. So all the reasons are responsible for occurring hearing loss but sometimes natural mechanism are responsible for occurring the hearing loss among people. Some major reasons are responsible for occurring hearing loss like medicine infection, head injury and some disease are responsible for becoming the hearing loss.


Hearing playing a key role in maintaining strong social networks and engaging in opportunities for intellectual stimulation. When people wait to treat their hearing loss for fear of the negative stigma once surrounding hearing aids or the cosmetic concerns, those same people can negatively impact their long-term cognitive health and overall well being.

There are various ways for treatment of hearing loss and some methods are like natural way like yoga which is very helpful for overcoming hearing loss problem and some ways for treatment of hearing loss is medical treatment. An audiologist plays a very extensive role for overcoming hearing loss and specialist provide some medicine and devices which is very beneficial for improving the hearing . But sometimes some diseases are produced infection in your ears so be careful for taking medicine and always take medicine after consulting from an audiologist.

Another process for overcoming hearing loss is hearing machine. It is the easiest way to overcome the hearing problem and there is no side effect of hearing machine . Hearing machine is used to help in listening and it is easily fit into the ears and outside the ears. There is another report, more than 70% of over 70 years old have some types of hearing loss and left unsupported people are at increased risk of loneliness, depression and cognitive decline.

After a limit age human body become weak and human body is affected by diseases so hearing loss is one of them. But sometimes ear infections are responsible for occurring hearing loss so there are number of reasons for becoming the hearing impairment. For old age person who has hearing problem so the hearing machine is an outstanding option for those people. For old age, people who have the hearing loss difficulty don’t have another method for hearing instead of hearing machine.

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