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Is Your Bedroom Trying to Tell You Something?

>> Nov 8, 2012

When you walk into your bedroom, does it feel like a warm, inviting place to retreat to from the rigours of the real world? If it doesn’t, maybe it is trying to tell you something, maybe dropping subtle hints you need to give it a complete makeover. A bedroom should be a place where dreams are made, a place of longing to get back to every time you leave. To set the mood, all you need is a little inspiration, a desire to create a little personal space where dreams are made, and life is loved to the fullest extent.

Bedroom Furniture That Wows - Create Your Own Sanctuary
The bedroom furniture that complements your bed and bed space says as much about you as any furnishing or interior décor style in the living room. While a living room's furniture and effects reflect an element of your personality, a bedroom is a more personal space and sometimes says far more about you, and how you think, than you might imagine.

If you love soft pinks and floral with swirling drapes and frills on your accessories, maybe you were a princess in a previous life. On the other hand, you may just use your bedroom as an escape to a time when you had less responsibility and seemingly far more fun; you remember, it was called ‘childhood.’

Aside from the bed in your sanctuary, what other furnishings are important to you? Do you need lots of agile storage space in the form of wardrobes, chests of drawers and Ottoman caskets, or do you prefer to have your stuff lying around? If you're in the latter category, you’ll need one or two hairs, and maybe the odd footstool to throw your stuff onto. 

Never mind sitting down, beds are for lying in, and clothes are for throwing on to the nearest chair; living rooms are the place to sit down, not bedrooms. Are you the sort of person who has to have order and discipline in your furnishing choices, or do you prefer lots of chaos and disorder? Your bedroom and the bedroom furniture you choose are more a statement of who you are than any other room in the home.

Sometimes we all lose sight of fun, and we lose sight of the fact we all need a sanctuary away from the hard, real world. A bedroom is as close to a sanctuary as you'll ever get, and if you spend an average of a third of your life there, a little time spent getting the décor style right is more than worth it. Colors and mixes of fabric and patterns are important, but at the end of the day, it is what works for you that is right.

Sometimes you have to sit back and take a little time out to appreciate who you are, what makes you tick and how you want your personal sanctuary to look. Once you sit down and think about it, you’ll realize your bedroom has been trying to tell you something for a while, but you hadn’t been listening.

So, are you thinking and are you now listening?

Graham Green is a freelance writer and blogger who has a long craved the more masculine bedroom furniture, though he is always overruled by ‘the boss indoors.’

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Staff Administrator November 8, 2012 at 9:56 PM  

kalau urusan menentukan tempat untuk menaruh letak perabot dan alat lain nya....di rumah memang sy paling hobby tuh mba....dikit2...n bentar2 pasti sering berubah2...letaknya...hehe :D

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