Teachergive Sale 2023

Teachergive Sale 2023

Trends in Designer Jewellery in UK

>> Nov 6, 2012

Designer jewellery in UK is much sought after for its exclusive designs.  Designers offer their best products with strict quality checks in place put up by the jeweler’s guild of the nation.  More and more people are opting for designer jewellery for this very reason of quality assurance and perfection in design.  Most of the retailers offer guarantee on the gemstones too. 

Jewellery has always been a symbol of wealth and status of the individual.  Owning a piece of designer jewellery still ranks high among the people of UK to show off their status in life.  Most of the retails houses have cut throat competition among each other. They resort to aggressive marketing techniques and have plenty of offers and freebies for the customers.

Designers need to pay a lot of attention to detail and keep producing exclusive designs.  They may be limited to the usage of only precious metals and gemstones, but it’s their designs that will attract the jewelers to pick up their pieces of art.  Now days, jewelers act as retailers.  The designing and manufacturing is taken care of by the designer.  It is up to the designer to keep up with the trends of the industry and also plan and execute the designs.  It ultimately depends on his or her creativity, but a course in jewellery design will add to the talent.  The retailer on his part is constantly on the look out for exquisite designs to cater to his customers.  The business is trust driven and people have preferred choice of designers and jewelers. 

Many jewelers sell different designer labels under the same roof.  They offer quality assurance on the products and this adds to the brand value.  It is however trendy to buy non precious metal designer jewellery too.  There are designers working exclusively with stainless steel and crystals and they have a set clientele looking forward to buy their designs.  The creativity of the designer and quality of the product is what the customer is looking for when he or she is shopping for designer jewellery in UK. 

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