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Healthy Skin and Hair: No Longer a Make-Up Model

>> Nov 22, 2012

With the media full of picture perfect models, actors, actresses and news reporters, we often find ourselves viewing healthy skin and hair as that model quality image.  What we have forgotten is the hours of make-up and styling these celebrities undergo in order to get that polished perfect look.

For those of us without the funds to hire a professional make-up artist or hair stylist, L’Oreal hair products and other stores serve the same function; however, we need to remember that perfect make-up and hair does not mean our body is healthy.

Less Makeup Layers Mean More Breathing Room
When using skincare products for that matter, it is important to remember not to overdo it.  Too many layers of foundation, eye shadow, blush and other products will not leave your skin any room to breathe, resulting in clogged pores.


By remembering to use thin layers and appropriately highlight your already outstanding existing features, you will not only allow your skin to remain healthier, but also find you can achieve the same results without the waste.  This rule applies to the hair as well.  Overloading the products on your hair will result in build up and residue that may cause more harm than good!

Clean and refresh for a healthy look
Always remember to remove all make-up before going to bed.  While it may seem easier to just do so in the morning while you are going through your normal routine, your skin to remain airless for all the hours that you sleep.  By washing off the make-up before getting much needed rest, you ensure that your skin has a chance to renew itself overnight, resulting in healthier skin in the long term.

In addition to cleaning off that make-up, remember that you need a proper amount of sleep as well.  A tired body will show outwardly over time and if you do not take care of your internal health, your skin and hair are going to show it.

Products to suit your needs and lifestyle
Finding products to suit your specific needs is not as much of a trial as it may seem.  With a plethora of options available on the market such as L’Oreal hair products, you have a wealth of opportunity to find what works best for you.

Making it all balance out
Once the correct products are found, it is then much easier to browse through the stores, finding skincare products and other stores to complement the collection you’ve put together.  These products will often include the necessary astringents, masks and a variety of other healthy options that you will use to give your skin the care it needs to remain healthy.

By taking steps to reduce the amount of make-up and hair products used in our daily routines, as well as choosing products properly suited to our skin and hair, we ensure that our outer body will stay healthy for a long time.  In the process we save time and money, achieving those lovely results we see in the media without the layers of make-up and hours of maintenance.

Kathryn Baughman is a freelance writer.  She enjoys blogging about a variety of subjects including beauty, finance, and reviews several beauty products like L'Oreal hair products and similar companies and other brand skincare products.

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