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Teachergive Sale 2023

Top 8 Golden Tips for Creating Professionally Designed E Cards for Your Boss

>> Nov 26, 2012

The festive season is coming and it’s time to start thinking cards. If you’re planning on sending Ecards from Katies Cards to your boss, there are a few things you need to think about. Here are the top 8 golden tips for getting it right.
1: Pick a professionally designed eCard, one that really looks good. After all, if you’re trying to impress the boss then putting your best foot forward is hardly going to hurt! Take your time, browse what’s available and try to pick something really slick.

2: If you’re looking for eCards from Katies Cards, you can search by category, so use the category search to make things easier. You may even find a special section for cards for your boss, or for Boss’s Day – a relatively new festival designed to make management feel good about themselves!

3: Be sure you know something about your boss’s personality. If you don’t, try to find out – or pick a card that has neutral connotation. Also try to understand how the different types of card may affect your boss – if you’re unsure, don’t send.

4: Take some time to consider the message you will send with the card. When you send ecards from Katies Cards you get the option to personalise them with text of your own. The written word, even when it’s taken in conjunction with images and music, can be easy to misconstrue. So take the time to get it right.

5: Don’t send your boss the same card you sent to everyone else. Send your boss a card on its own, and send it at a different time to the round robin ecard you do for your other colleagues.

6: Be aware that your boss is a busy person, with important things to do. If he or she doesn’t thank you immediately don’t think you have been forgotten. Under no circumstances should you approach the boss to ask her or him if he or she has received your card.

7: Pick ecards from Katies Cards that are appropriate to the season. Festive cards for the festive season, or ones appropriate to the station of the manager.

8: Think about how much noise your ecard may make. Ecards come with music, which plays automatically we they are opened. It is a good idea either to find an ecard with a mute option, or to be careful about the time you send yours. The last thing you want is to interrupt an important meeting with a singing cat.
When you pick ecards from Katies Cards you get a wealth of choice. There are cards appropriate for most occasions and for most relationships.

Picking a card to send to your boss is fraught with a number of pitfalls – including the fact that your professional relationship usually precludes any real personal knowledge about what he or she might like. When you look at Ecards from Katies Cards be sure to try and understand what the most appropriate ones for your boss might be.

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