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What is Love?

>> Nov 8, 2012

‘What is love’ is an intriguing question that mankind has failed to answer over centuries. Though it has no concrete definition, it is something that all humans experience at least once in their lifetime even if someone is considered to be utterly emotionless! While some define love as friendship, there are people who consider it as luck. Whether ethereal or not, it is a force of nature. Scientists refer to love and passion as a set of chemical reactions. However, love is definitely a force of nature that man will never be able to command, demand or make it disappear as per a whim.

Humans too have the ability to affect weather conditions but by doing so, one can simply jeopardize the ecological balance. The same thing happens in love. Mounting a courtship or staging a seduction may help us temporarily to fulfill our lust but those are merely infatuations and not love! According to experts, it is more like an illusion and as soon as the mirror breaks, we will realize that love was never there.

Love is far bigger than humans. We have the ability of inviting love but we do not possess the power to dictate its time and place of expression. While some people do think that they will never surrender to love and that love is nothing but a lie will eventually be struck by love. One of the greatest features of love is that it is never associated with any kind of codes, addendums, stipulations and conditions and is totally free and independent of human desires and fear.

Love is not tangible and it cannot be bought with money. It cannot be sold and it cannot be traded. It has no barriers. Legislation and imprisonment of love is not possible. Even if someone is put behind bars, love will grow and continue to exist. True love never needs a straight line of sight to stay strong. Love is not a commodity or a substance and hence, money is completely meaningless! Money can never buy love. Yes, money can buy marriage partners or sex partners but that is not love. Love knows no border and no territories. Love does not have any energy output and it does not have any quantifiable mass.

Companionship, attention and loyalty can be bought and even compassion can be bought any time but love has its own grace. It will come when it is time to come. No one can plan ahead of time to bring love in his or her life! Love is empathic and inherently compassionate. Manipulating love is not possible. If someone asks you to go against your nature to do something to change yourself, that is not true love. True love is not about perfecting pieces of someone’s character but rather it is about loving those shortcomings and accepting them. Truly, it is not possible to define love but it is something that is as true as the sun and the stars and the air and it is omnipresent and it is ethereal! Don’t define love - experience it!

Ali Asjad is a Sweden based relationship counselor and psychologist. He is also an avid blogger and writes on freelance basis for worldtransformation.com.

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