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Teachergive Sale 2023

Do Children and Adventure Holidays Really Mix?

>> Nov 8, 2012

Looking at the reasons why taking an adventure trip with the whole family is a worthwhile experience. A guide to choosing the right trip and any extra considerations you need to make as well as how to make the most of your trip.

A lot of people aren't sure whether it's suitable to take their kids on adventure holidays. But if anything, kids are more suited to adventure trips than adults. They tend to have more energy, more incredulity and more of a passion for adventure. If you are considering taking your own intrepid little explorers on an adventure holiday you might be wondering what would actually be suitable. It's pleasing to know that a lot of adventure trips are suitable for kids from active holidays to safaris.

Know Your Audience
Obviously you need to think about the important things first. If your children are very young then a cycling or walking holiday may end up with plenty of stops and whining so they are perhaps more suitable for older kids. If you are trying to please a range of ages from toddlers to teenagers you need to keep it simple and the perfect answer may be a safari or wildlife holiday. If your kids have grown up and are capable of everything you are then the world is your oyster - family cycling holidays, skiing trips and water based activities and even volunteering are all options.

Safety Considerations
Obviously the safety of children is paramount for any parents so ensuring the activities are suitable for their age range and skill set is very important. Many holidays have age or height restrictions in place as a matter of necessity, pay attention to these guidelines and don't assume they are just arbitrary. Travel insurance is always important, especially on adventure holidays, so be sure all your details are correct and up to date.

Have Fun!
What better way to spend quality time with the kids than taking an adventure trip together. Bonding, working together and the joy of shared experience are the kinds of things those returning from family adventure trips quote as the best part. Go at your kids' pace however, if they are not comfortable about something or are feeling anxious don't force the issue, it will only result in bad feelings. Anyone with children knows that they are temperamental and often assertive souls who may just change their mind on the day about something. Don't worry, just go and have nice meal, talk about it and try again tomorrow.

Kids and adventure go hand in hand. Just be sure you have checked the suitability of the holiday against the age and skill range of your kids. Have fun and let your kids guide the pace of the holiday where you can.

Peter is a regular travel blog contributor. With his wife and kids he likes to take family cycling holidays abroad as well as enjoying plenty of domestic camping trips each year.

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