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How to Tell Your Child You’re Expecting

>> Nov 20, 2012

Congratulations you are expecting your second child! This is an exciting time for the whole family but it also can be a little unnerving for your little one because your little one is no longer the only one. No matter the age of your first born, your child will react in some way, whether it is good or bad. Most of the time, it is a difficult concept for the first born to understand. For however long your first born has been alive, they have been the one and only in mommy and daddy’s life. The best thing to do is to prepare the little one for the newest additions arrival.
The sooner you tell your child, the better because, the more time that your child has to try to grasp this new reality is best. Once you have passed your first trimester and received confirmation from your doctor, tell your first born. That way he/she has plenty of time to react, respond and ask lots of questions. Most parents have different ways of telling their child. Always keep it positive and light. Getting them a small gift is always good; think a big brother shirt or a big sister balloon. Depending on your child’s age most children do not understand the concept that there is another human growing in mom’s belly. Explain it to a child very simple.

Explain to the child in simple words that mommy and daddy are having another baby, explain how exciting and great it will be that he/she will be a big brother/sister. Giving them a sense of importance will excite them. They want to help. During your pregnancy, keep gentle reminders to your child about the newborn coming. Get them involved as much as possible, like picking out names, making the babies room, picking out a present for the little brother or sister. It’s important to give them a heads up about what is going to change.

Once the baby is born, make sure you keep the first born active with the newborn. Be sure to schedule special one-on-one time for the first few months of the new babies’ arrival home. The biggest change is the amount attention on the child will now be spilt. Talk them through that before and after the pregnancy. Remember to tread lightly on the subject. It is a fun and exciting for a mom and dad but can be hard for the first born to comprehend. Keep positive, remain patient and be understanding. Happy expanding!

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