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A Normal Daily Routine for People with Incontinence

>> Nov 3, 2012

 Incontinence, urinary or otherwise has gained much awareness in the medical world. People are now gaining new understanding and feel more sensitive to the needs of people who need to manage this condition at a daily basis. Products which help ease the burden of living with incontinence have grown in numbers; and now, it is possible for someone with the condition to live a normal life. Here is a look at how incontinence products have made their daily routines easier and stress-free.

Nowadays, most people with incontinence sleep on special bed sheets that are stain-resistant and dispel odor. This offers added protection in case the adult diaper leaks, or gets deformed while the person is asleep. The special material that the bed sheet is made from makes it easier to wash traces of urine away. The sheets also have a protective layer that has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
Before, people with incontinence have had to deal with adult diapers that are too bulky. They were limited to wearing loose clothing unless they wanted to announce to the whole world that they were wearing diapers. Nowadays however, adult diapers have fitted and slim forms, so that the younger generation and women don’t have to be embarrassed about wearing them in public. They are now disguised better, with some even wearing incontinence garments that help hide the presence of the adult diaper without having to compromise its effectiveness. Incontinence garments are made a specialized material that also helps dispels odors and stains. This means you are free to interact and mingle with other people in public for long hours without having to worry that your condition will cause some embarrassing accidents for you.

Apart from security, one major concern of people with incontinence is hygiene. While the stain and wetness may not show through, it still feels uncomfortable, having to walk around with a wet diaper most of the time. Even people who’ve managed this condition for a long time still freeze on the spot whenever incontinence strikes. Thankfully, current incontinence products include personal items that promote hygiene and sanitation.

Protective powders help protect the diaper area from rashes, irritation and discomfort caused by constant wetness. It has a soothing effect and its fragrance dissipates bad odor. Certain sprays and washes are also available to help keep you odor-free. These washes and sprays are also antibacterial and antimicrobial in nature for sanitation purposes.

People who travel a lot usually take travel pads with them to avoid unnecessary accidents. These pads can be placed on a train seat, a cushion or a sofa before sitting down. In case incontinence strikes, the pads offer added protection so that urine won’t leak through the pad and stain the seat.

While people may still think that this is too much of a hassle, this is a far better daily routine compared to several years ago when all people with incontinence wore adult diapers. Now it’s easier for them to conceal their condition and avoid getting embarrassed in public. When one takes care in using these products, they can live life to the fullest and not worry about having to sacrifice their goals and wants simply because of incontinence.

Denzel Zurich is a freelance writer who has written several articles on dealing with health conditions that need extensive management. His articles on incontinence products, diabetic diets and alternatives for people with immunodeficiency have helped several people live relatively normal lives despite their condition.

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