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5 Ways to Keep the Holidays Stress Free

>> Nov 12, 2012

With Thanksgiving just around the corner and Christmas on it’s heels it’s time to start preparing for all the festivities. Don’t let this season stress you out before it arrives and here are 5 ways you can keep cool:

Start early: The earlier you start the holiday process the better. Plan ahead everything and write a to do list. Start planning the meal menus and the groceries you will need. Start getting your gifts and skip the long lines at the mall and shop online. Book the flights and rental cars ahead of time. The earlier you start the less stressed you will be when the holiday’s arrive.

Don’t host: As much as you like opening your home to hosting the holiday parties and get togethers, take a backseat to hosting this year. Take up family members and friends when they invite you to join them. This will save you the hassle of all the preparing like cleaning, making sure you buy enough groceries and gifts.

Pot luck: If you choose to host a gather at your home, then make it pot luck. Asking your guests to bring something will help cut your cost and stress of cooking. Make it friendly and fun and ask everyone to bring their favorite dish to share. You can send an email with a signup sheet for them to fill out and return so that way there isn’t an overabundance of mashed potatoes.

Keep it small: Instead of throwing a big party or inviting everyone and their dog, keep it small. If you are hosting a party, keep it intimate with your closest friends. In order to cut down on stress some families choose to spend the holiday with their immediate family only.

Enjoy it: When things start to get overwhelming just take a deep breath and remember the spirit of the holidays. Don’t let the little things get to you and know that nothing has to be perfect. Focus on your family and make the most of it!

Remember to plan early, give yourself a break by going elsewhere or going pot luck. Keep it small and don’t forget to enjoy yourself! The New Year will be here before you know it! Have a safe and stress free holiday season!

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