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Top Five Fiction Books Which You Should Recommend Your Teens

>> Nov 13, 2012

Fictions are one of the hot favorite books of teens. It helps them in establishing a connection with their imaginary world and thus making it their first choice. 

Here is a list of the top five favorite fictions of the teenagers that you can consider gifting them from Nottinghill editions if you want to see a big smile in their face while receiving it.

This is a science fiction written by Scott Westerfeld. This book is the first in the series of four books. It is a story of a young girl named Tally Youngblood who belongs to the community of good looking people but she is rather ugly. But according to the rules of this strange community she is going to turn beautiful once she turns sixteen year old through an operation whereby all the imperfection will be corrected and she will evolve as a beautiful woman. She is extremely excited about this transformation and eagerly awaiting for that life changing moment when she meets another girl named Shay, who has an absolutely different take on life. Shay wants to hide in the Rusty Ruins to escape the transformation. Read this gripping fiction to see what happens next and how the decisions taken by her will the change the course of her life forever.

The Twilight Saga:
Stephanie Meyer has narrated the most touching story of Bella who fells in love with a vampire Edward. The story is set in a modern background of a small town, but with its many twist and turns you will be transformed to a different world altogether. Unknowingly Bella falls in love with Edward but even after knowing the truth she is ready to take all the risk for being with him rather than leave him. This is an intense romantic fiction which will make you cry, shiver with fear, get angry and laugh aloud. Twilight is the first in the series and after reading it you will not be able to resist the next one.

Little Blue Envelopes:
Maureen Johnson tells the tale of Ginny Blackstone who has inherited thirteen mysterious letters from her deceased aunt to solve a puzzle that lay before her and also discovers a lot of things about her own self. Therefore, she is all set to board a plane to Europe to unveil the truth but she has to follow some rules. Firstly she cannot open the letter unless she reaches the destination, she can carry only the things that fit in her backpack and she cannot talk with anyone. While reading this book you are surely going to have a feeling that you are traveling along with Ginny on her quest. This book is full of adventures which you are definitely going to love.

This is the third part of the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The protagonist of the story Katniss Everdeen has survived the hunger games two times, but she nor her family or her friends are safe as the Capitol looks forward to vengeance. Read it to find out what happens in her life.

Harry Potter series:
This is an all time favorite of all teens which helps the teenagers to travel to an imaginary magical world and unravel the mysteries of this unknown water through the adventures of the protagonist of the story Harry Potter. The teens are surely going to enjoy each and every part of this book.

These are the five most popular fictions that every teen are going to love to browse through whenever they get the opportunity to do so. So if you are planning to gift your teenage niece or nephew a good fiction, then you can choose any of these and they are surely going to love it.

About the Author:
The above article is written by Roxie from Nottinghill editions

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