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>> Nov 12, 2012

Near the entrance of the Ciwidey crater lake tourist destination (West Java, Indonesia), I saw a man playing kecapi at Saung Kecapi (Kecapi House). The sound is very nice to hear –gives me peaceful feeling!

Kecapi is a zither-like Sundanese (West Java Province, Indonesia) musical string instrument. We can find the similar zither musical instrument in some parts of the world such as Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, southern region of Germany and East Asian cultures (source:Wikipedia).   Based on its physical appearance, there are two types of kecapis : boat kecapi and siter kecapi.   

I think this kecapi is a Siter Kecapi as it has a plan-parallel resonance box. Its hole is located at the bottom. The upper and bottom sides of it form a trapezium-like shape.

Each string is affixed to a small screw or peg on the top right hand side of the box. Can you see one blue screw on the kecapi? I can link this post to Blue Monday  :)

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