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10 Reasons to Brush Your Teeth Regularly

>> Apr 22, 2019

Good oral health is as necessary as your physical health. And one of the elementary practices necessary to achieve good oral health is brushing regularly, or twice a day. We are being taught to cultivate the habit of brushing from early childhood. Although it’s importance may seem pretty obvious, there are few major benefits of brushing, curate by the top dentists of Cork.
     No More Bad Breath: It is advisable to brush your teeth properly on a regular basis to avoid any bad smell due to the decay of food leftovers, or any other such compounds in your mouth. If not checked on time, this may lead to greater issues. Besides dental problems, it also affects your confidence to meet and greet people.
     Remove Plague From The Teeth: Plague is the accumulation of edible items and bacteria in your mouth. Brushing regularly can help you get rid of these and avoid any further problems.
     Turn Down Gum Diseases: Most of the gum diseases, such as swelling and bleeding gums, begins with the deposition of plague around your teeth. This further result in Gingivitis and several other gum diseases follow.
     Remove Stains To Reveal White Shiny Smile: Brushing gives your teeth exposure to mild abrasives in toothpaste that removes debris and surface stains. Your toothpaste constitutes of calcium carbonate, dehydrated silica gels, magnesium carbonate, hydrated aluminum oxides, phosphate salts, and silicates to help you get rid of those dull stains over your teeth. It’s better to brush your teeth regularly than to visit a dentist for teeth whitening.
     Helps Prevent Dementia: Improper dental health can lead to dementia, a broad category of brain disease. This may sound a bit strange, but dentists have found that proper dental care can help you reduce the chances of dementia up to 30%.
     Fewer Chances of Diabetes: Gum diseases and infected teeth make it difficult to control the glucose level of your blood. Just like a person with diabetes is more likely to get gum disease, a person with gum disease has more chances of getting diabetes.
     Lower The Chance Of Heart Attack Or Stoke: The mouth bacterias can be very harmful once they reach your bloodstream. This increases the cholesterol level of the blood, causing strokes and heart attacks. Brush your teeth regularly to get rid of these problem-causing bacterias and lead a long and healthy life.
     Avoid Arthritis: It is proven that gum diseases increase the risk of arthritis. The fact is backed by the explanation which suggests that the proteins produced by bacteria in the gums can lead to problematic joint issues due to an immune reaction that undergoes.
     Avoid Unborn Baby Problems: One of the strange of gum diseases is the increased chances of premature birth and low weight of baby during birth. There are several studies that suggest the same. It may even result in delayed conception as well as impotence in some cases. It is better to give your two minutes to brushing to avoid such big problems.
     Save Money: Brush your teeth regularly, twice a day and inculcate the same habits to your children. With a small number of investments in your dental care today, you can avoid huge bills that may incur due to your negligence today. If you ignore your dental care today, you may be left with long-lasting treatment for your weak teeth and infected gums.

These are just a few of many advantages of brushing your teeth regularly. Apart from these, brushing also helps to stimulate your gum tissues to keep it functioning properly. As per the observations of several experienced dentists in Cork, one of the major reason for oral health problems is improper brushing. It's better to start looking after your teeth today than to regret in the future.

Dr. Cliona Fergey is the core member of Dental Options. She graduated from University College Cork in 1998 and then spent ten years working in NHS and private practice in the U.K. before returning home in 2008. Cliona is also a member of the Irish Dental Association and regularly attends lectures and courses to keep up to date with the latest developments in dentistry. With a lot of experience with different dental options, she is counted as one of the top dentists in Cork.

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