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Choosing the Right Newborn Photographer For You

>> Apr 10, 2019

You expect the newest person in your loved ones soon, and also you are likely researching the perfect photographer to capture this amazing section in your history. Your baby will only be this little for a short while, so that it is important to report this time to keep in mind those very small details. Newborn portraits are probably the most important photographs you will ever before have. You can not go back in time and recreate them, so choosing you to definitely tell this tale is very important. Newborn picture taking is unlike some other genera. Your photographer can not only be creating memories to last an eternity, but they may also be caring for your brand-new baby throughout your experience. You want to make certain your child is in the best and safest hands possible. Here are some facts to consider whenever choosing your newborn photographer. Please feel free to contact Ashley with any questions you may have regarding newborn photography, security, posing, and the knowledge in general.


Choosing a new baby photographer can be an frustrating experience. Particularly when considering every one of the factors that produce the perfect choice. The security of your newborn is the main factor when contemplating your newborn photographer. Once you entrust your baby into another persons biceps and triceps at 5-15 times of life, then you want a person who truly needs into consideration every one of the safeness factors. You have researched the best strollers, child car seats, cribs and even more. Why wouldn’t you prolong the same degree of care when choosing somebody who will handle your child?

Because someone has newborn photography listed on their social media and website does not make sure they are the safest & most qualified person to handle your brand-new baby. For instance, does indeed your photographer use a spotter/assistant for newborn photography sessions? Possessing a spotter present throughout your session is essential to ensuring your baby is safe at all times. Some images the thing is that are complicatedly composited photographs that are manipulated in Photoshop to attain the final result, and if indeed they were attempted by themselves could endanger your baby. I have a tuned assistant at every single studio newborn program. She always has hands and eye on baby to ensure baby is in the safest environment possible.

Experience and Education

Just how much experience, specifically with newborns, does your photographer have? Most of us start somewhere, so I am defiantly not hoping to place down a new newborn photographer (so long as they are simply trained in basic safety). Has your photographer considered workshops/mentorships on safeness, posing, and lighting? How many years have they been photographing newborns? Do the focus on newborns? It is important to note that someone with more experience with newborns will not only produce a top quality of experience and images, but also offers the skills to sooth baby throughout your period, and keep baby calm and comfortable. Just about everyone has been told the horror stories of inexperienced photographer taking on a newborn pondering it’ll be easy. That is an art. It is not simple, and requires a lot of patience, focus on the littlest details, and genuine service in the little life you are trusted with. Please do not be the horror report and take your photographer experience under consideration.

(Ashley has been in person and expertly trained by the best Los Angeles newborn photographer on the planet, and continues to help expand her education every year in newborn portraiture.)


There are many different varieties of newborn photography. It’s important to note what style you are drawn to, what type of session you are feeling preferred with, and a photographer who does it well.

During posed classes your sleeping baby is gently guided into beautiful curled finished posed, snuggly wrapped, and place in cute props. These sessions are usually highly stylized by the photographer depending on the artistic style. For instance, I have a tendency to photograph a more monochromatic style with timeless colors and props verses bright colors and trendy props. This type of session takes a high level of knowledge from the photographer and generally continues 2 to 4 time, and baby should be under 2 weeks of age.

Lifestyle sessions mostly concentrate on the connections and love that family tell their new little one. These sessions are incredibly relaxed, tend to be more lenient with age, and happen in the comfort of your house. 
Ashley is skilled and experienced enough to provide each kind of session.


One of the key questions asked when arranging newborn portraits is, when is the optimum time to photo baby? Babies increase so fast, so it is important to capture them early.

The first fourteen days of life babies are tiny, squishy, and further sleepy. This is the perfect time to truly have a portrait time done. Ashley typically recommends between 5-14 times old for posed studio room session or more to 4 weeks old for life style periods. Ashley’s preferred a long time is 6-10 days old.


An excellent newborn photographer is normally booked months in advance, takes the time to hear your preferences, and walks you through the complete experience. A questionnaire before the session allows the photographer to access know your family better, also to hear your eyesight for your time. She should send details about how to get ready for your procedure, how to dress, and what things to expect from your program. Many of these elements help create a successful newborn procedure.


The elephant in the room… The price for newborn portraiture may differ greatly. Some what to consider are session duration, where you are, the photographer’s experience, their degree of training, and equipment (including props) employed by the potential photographer.

It’s important to keep in mind that photographer put much more into a time than just the time spent to you. A photographer running a legal business with insurance, plenty of training and other business bills will more often than not become more expensive. When scheduling your period, remember, you get what you pay for.
“Beautiful newborn portraiture is an excellent luxury, which is worth the investment. They are just this little for a time".

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