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>> Apr 1, 2019

The United Nations figures show that the world produces 2.12 billion tons of waste per year and their number is increasing! Fortunately, some creative residential recycling projects can help save the planet. If you are interested in creative recycling projects that you can do at home, skip the introduction and scroll down. Also, you will also have fun performing these creative re-purpose projects, alone or with family! Unfortunately, it is fair to say that many people have lost sight of the traditional philosophy of "do-to-do." Modern life is fast, and everything seems to be disposable. However, slowing down and think about how to repurpose household items to give tremendous benefits! Creative repurpose of household items is good for the environment, saves money and can be the basis for a fun and enjoyable hobby. Today, more and more people are going even further and turning their recycling ideas into profitable projects. Some companies also build recycling objects that would otherwise be thrown away!

This article provides many ideas on ways to repurpose household items. These ideas are entertaining and beneficial for the environment.

Some reasons to re-purpose household items
·         There are many good reasons for recycling; although the main reason why it is excellent for the environment is perfectly valid, there are also many specific reasons.
·         New raw materials are generated from recycled products, allowing you to do new things without using additional resources.
·         Recycling reduces global warming and prevents unnecessary greenhouse gases from reaching the atmosphere.
·         This can be a great way to spend some free time alone or with your family.
·         Recycling (and ascending/descending cycle) is positive for wildlife; Damage to marine life from discarded plastic bottles, for example, is well documented.
·         Although modern landfills are now more secure than before, it is foolish to reject waste.
·         Recycling significantly reduces energy consumption.
·         As people become conscious of their environment, the demand for recycled products is increasing. This creates a continuous circle of demand, which is good for the industry and the planet.
·         Reusing materials for new purposes can save a lot of money. As stated in this article, many useful elements can be produced by reusing items that would otherwise have been scrapped.
·         By submitting recycling materials for reuse or re-purpose, you are contributing to a global effort to improve the environment for all and the future.

What can things be recycled / re-purposed in the house?

If you want to create something useful from something recycled, you may be surprised at the number of items you can reuse creatively. Even a simple plastic bottle can be turned into a garden sprinkler, a bird feeder or a shower!

So, do not assume that the only possible destination for an object is garbage. There are creative recycling projects for dozens of everyday objects, including (but not limited to) the following:

·         Glass Bottles
·         Plastic Bottles
·         Rolls of Paper
·         Clothes
·         Plastic Pots
·         Caps
·         Egg Boxes
·         Shoe Boxes
·         Old and Damaged Tiles.
·         Bottle Caps
·         Corresponding Tubes
·         Cd and Dvd
·         Bulbs
·         Christmas trees
·         Carpets

This list is not exhaustive. However, it gives a good idea of the number of things that have many uses other than the original purpose.

1.    Tissue boxes
There are hundreds of smart ways to reuse a tissue box! If someone at home is sick, you know you will have scarves. Avoid dirt (and cracked sprouts!) By plugging an empty tissue box into a new box with a piece of string. This makes it a convenient place to remove used fabrics when in use. There are endless craft options and excellent storage containers. Just cut the top of the corners, wrap it in drawing paper and decorate it with a ribbon or rope to create great containers for spice packs, office equipment, and more.

2.    Egg Boxes
Egg boxes are ideal for freezing individual portions: meatballs, pasta, pies, homemade butter, and so many other uses. You can also use the boxes as a solid gel. They are also a great way to prepare the seed for your garden.

3.    Shower Curtains
Whether you're improving your bathroom decor or having a shower curtain that has seen better days, this old shower curtain still has many uses. Bathroom curtains are a great way to get off the beaten track to reuse appliances. They can be used as a table top for picnic tables or as a canvas to paint.

4.    Envelopes
The transfer of dry ingredients from bags into sealed glass jars helps keep them cool, but transferring them to containers can be a problem. If you do not have a small funnel at your fingertips, use an envelope. Cut a generous portion of a wedge, then cut the tip and wrap it in a cone. For larger quantities, use large, brown envelopes.

5.    Sink Drain
If you are willing to oust the old drains or if you only have extra fillers in a drawer, the drain channels for the sink are very fun do it yourself a tool that can certainly be useful beyond the duty of the antenna. Create your light tea planting accessory by placing a knitting needle with a perfectly flat base on top and indicated for planting, but you can use everything you need to act as a "support."

6.    Plastic Bags
You already know how to store the plastic bags contained in an empty paper roll. Now is the time to use the bags, as they can serve as an excellent substitute for shopping bags. If you collect enough, the plastic bags are an excellent packaging material instead of those terrible ones you end up buying at the mall. They are also excellent for preventing the spread of flour and sugar on all shelves of the pantry.

7.    T-Shirts
It is believed that there are 13 million tons of clothing in landfills in the USA. Even an incredible amount of donated clothes ends there. Instead of playing old shirts, reuse them. Cut the fabric into squares at the size of the towels to make reusable cleaning cloths and drying sheets. You can also cut the sleeves and collar of the shirt, cut the stripes along the bottom bar and join them to create reusable shopping bags.

8.    Cupcake boxes
The Canned Jars decoration is a children's game with cupcake wraps and is available in all colors and patterns. Invert two (for opacity) and place them in the bottle. Wear an elastic to hold them in place; Tie with a worn cord or ribbon, then remove the elastic.

9.    Containers or Cans
Glass and metal can be easily recycled, but why not reduce excess packaging and waste for reuse? Glass bottles and old coffee pots are great containers for shirts, table organizers or bathroom bottles. And there are 1001 ways to use them. Even many brands of pasta sauce use bottles that are ideal for preserving food.

10.    Toothbrushes
It is assumed that toothbrushes should be replaced at least every three months, as recommended by dentists and manufacturers, so you will probably get a lot of them. The most common use of old toothbrushes is cleaning the house; it is also perfect for rubbing surfaces, and their size allows them to reach inaccessible places. But there are many other uses for old toothbrushes, including some that help in other recycling projects.


Although we avoid the use of disposable products, this may sometimes be necessary. Always extend the life of these objects to the limit. Most disposable items can be repurposed if handled correctly. When it comes to household utensils, your life is limited only by our imagination. Look for creative ways to reuse/ re-purpose household objects to store, and decorate your house. By using these tips to reuse household items daily and create your own, you can significantly reduce your family's contribution to landfilling our country.

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