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6 Reasons You Need to Consider Memory Care Facility for Dementia-Affected Family Members

>> Apr 19, 2019

Due to the negative connotation that comes with seeking help from an assisted living facility, families often wait too long and in turn puts their elderly parents at risk. The social stigma of “leaving” a loved one in a long-term elderly care facility definitely plays a role here. People often feel guilty as they perceive their decision to seek help from a senior care center as abandonment.

memory care facilities

The truth, in most cases, is that families usually don’t have the time or the medical skillset to provide the long-term care required to keep the affected person safe. This is never so true as when people care for a member of the family suffering from dementia. Patients diagnosed with dementia need constant care as they can easily hurt themselves. For example, it’s highly common for a dementia patient to go outside and then forget their way back home. On a more daily basis, they can forget to take their medicine or have their meals.

While a general assisted care facility is geared towards the welfare of its senior members, memory care facilities are special homes for elderly patients suffering from Alzheimer’s or any other type of dementia. The decision to contact a memory care facility is completely personal as different families have different trigger points. It can be a single scary incident or the accumulation of stress put on by daily struggles trying to care for a senior patient with dementia. Whether you choose to go for a senior housing option that specializes in caring for dementia patients is completely yours. In this post, we talk about 6 reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty about considering it as an option.

These Facilities Have Specially Trained Caregivers

Memory care facilities hire certified caregivers who are required to go through additional training to care for elderly dementia patients.

Memory Care Facilities Have a Special Lockdown System

Regular homes are equipped with locks that can be opened from the inside. This poses a grave risk for dementia patients as they can simply unlock the front door and get lost. Memory care homes have special magnetic locks that keep patients from wandering off, thus keeping them safe.

They are Usually Located in Residential Communities

Memory care facilities do not look like hospitals or nursing homes. They instead are typically located in regular neighborhoods. They often look like any other family homes to ensure the residents feel comfortable.

Patients Get 24-Hour Supervision and Medical Care

Balancing work and caring for a dementia patient is an uphill task for regular families. Unfortunately, a lot of times patients need 24-hour supervision as incidents may take place in the middle of the night. Memory care facilities have qualified staff members present 24X7 to attend any emergency situation.

They Have Several Programs to Keep the Residents Happy and Healthy

A memory care home is not just about housing a dementia patient. They often have social programs that involve all the residents. They also bring in volunteers from outside to interact with members and conduct fun activities. Families are often surprised by witnessing an overall improvement in the health and wellbeing of the person they admitted.

Daily Housekeeping and Laundry Facility to Ensure Proper Hygiene

Housekeeping staff at these facilities are tasked to maintain a certain degree of hygiene. This ensures members remain in a clean and healthy surrounding.

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