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Teachergive Sale 2023

5 furniture items you need for the perfect midcentury modern living room

>> Apr 23, 2019

The midcentury modern aesthetic is not simply an idea – for many, it has become a way of life. It was a movement that evolved somewhere during the middle of the twentieth century and took a life of its own. It was mostly characterized by gorgeous furniture pieces that carried the simplicity of the modern style but were definitely more experimental. If you’re as in love with this style as we are, then here are 5 furniture items you need for the perfect midcentury modern living room:

1.   Noguchi free-form sofa
While many people love the modern style, you cannot deny its economic rigidity. Here’s where the midcentury modern style differs and thrives. It’s much more expressive and artful with its clean designing. Just look at the Noguchi free-form sofa featured in this image. It’s way more interesting and visually dynamic than even some of the most contemporary iterations and is the perfect piece to introduce in your midcentury modern living room for the best effect.

2.   Platner chair
Warren Platner’s most iconic collection is so out of the box that it would become the crème de la crème of your midcentury modern living room. If you cannot imagine it, then simply take a look at this image. It features a gorgeous low-brow living room ambiance that is characterized by clean lines and tactile surfaces. However, it’s the presence of the Platner chairs as accent pieces that makes the space feel extremely truly inspired.

3.   Shell chair
The Shell chair is one of the most genius pieces of furniture that came during the midcentury era and is a great way to introduce some shapely contrast in your living rooms even today. Its splayed edges and comfortable anthropometry would be a great addition in a visually dynamic midcentury modern living room. The one featured in this image is a great example – especially how the Shell chairs have been artfully incorporated within the space.

4.   Eames walnut stool
If you’ve got that annoying little empty nook in your midcentury modern living rooms that is too small for larger pieces and too large for small-sized décor, then it would be a great place to feature the Eames Walnut Stool collection. The trifecta of these medium sized little additions would reduce the emptiness of your living rooms while delivering solid surfaces to either sit on or feature some décor and accessories on.

5.   Molded plywood coffee table
No lounge area is ever complete without a coffee table and now you can accessorize yours in a totally simple manner by featuring the Molded Plywood Coffee Table. Its neat and sophisticated design is extremely homely yet professional at the same time. It’s perfectly sized and you can enhance its aesthetics by complementing it with the right centerpieces and area rugs.

So, these are some of the most interesting midcentury modern living room furniture essentials. You can use their visual flexibility to make your paces feel more dynamic and versatile than ever before.

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