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Teachergive Sale 2023

7 Ways to Survive Home Remodeling With Kids

>> Apr 25, 2019

A home remodel can last anywhere between a couple of days and a year (or even longer). During this period, your family has to adjust to number of inconveniences, such as loud noises, strangers parading through your home, dust and debris flying, tools and supplies lying around, etc. If you have young kinds, the situation becomes even more challenging than it usually is. Still, so many families have found a way to survive home remodeling with kids and so will yours. We hope these seven tips help you achieve your goal.

1. Involve the kids in the renovation

The key to surviving home remodeling with kids is keeping them busy. We’re not saying your first-graders should change floor tiles or paint the living room walls, but they can make a minor contribution to the project. Consult them when creating a game room for your kids or let them help you with packing and unpacking. They could walk the dog or make lemonade for the workers. You can find many things for them to do around the house provided that they are old enough.

2. Eliminate health hazards to survive home remodeling with kids

A home remodel can lead to serious health consequences unless you deal with the potential health hazards on time. Dust is never a welcome house guest, especially if your kid is allergic. Make sure you vacuum every day and wipe with disposable cloths. Furthermore, seal off HVAC ducting and vents in the areas under construction and use plastic sheets for protection against flying particles. In addition, there should be a sealable bin or container for dangerous parts, especially if you are dealing with any toxic substances. Nailing, cutting or moving heavy objects poses a danger even for trained professionals. Keep your children away from the areas where they can get hurt. Also, tools must be unplugged when no one is using them and stored in a safe place because children like to explore and play with everything.
Different tools lying on a carpenter’s toolbox, a brick wall in the background
Make sure your kids are not exposed to any dangerous objects or chemicals during the home renovation
3. Avoid changing your kids’ daily routine

Their house is in total chaos but their life does not have to be. Kids need structure and familiarity. Things will have to change to some extent – some rooms might become off-limits, their nap time might change, too. Nevertheless, there are routines you can keep despite everything. For instance, your kids can have dinner or go to bed at the same time every day, as they did before. Also, make sure they have a space to play and a space to do their homework. 

4. Move out to survive home remodeling with kids

If your entire home is being turned upside down or the disturbances are too much to handle, move out when remodeling. Alternatively, you or your partner can stay in the house to supervise the workers while the rest of the family stays somewhere else. Whether you rent a home or stay at a friend’s place, make sure the end date of your stay is flexible. Saying that you are not sure when you’re moving back home can be problematic, but you need to make things clear from the start. A home remodel often goes overtime, so don’t rely too much on your timeline.


5. Hire the right kind of help

Surviving home remodeling with kids also depends on the people you are working with. No one can be more helpful than professionals who know their job.Hire a family-friendly contractor with experience who can anticipate your needs and concerns.Also, hire Boueri Freight Services when moving to your temporary home and back. The same company can also provide safe storage for your belongings during the renovation.
A drawing of a man with 6 arms holding a different tool in each arm
With a reliable team by your side, fewer things can go wrong

6. Stay calm around the kids while your home is being remodeled

Do not assume you can hide your stress from your little ones. Kids feel their parents’ anxiety from a very young age. Parents often recognize stress in children when their home is being remodeled. Unfortunately, arguments will occur, you will lose your temper once or twice - that is practically inevitable. Still, make sure that does not happen in front of your little ones. When the contractor tells you the deadline can’t be met or that the renovation is going to cost more than you expected, it is OK to yell or have a panic attack, but do not let those sensitive creatures witness it. Keep telling yourself that the end result is worth the trouble your household is currently going through and keep a positive attitude. Instead of focusing on the negative, start looking forward to a nicer, more functional home.
Four kids painting a wall green, an assignment to keep them busy and survive home remodeling with kids
Keeping your cool will help you survive home remodeling with kids
Take care of yourself

In order to stay calm around your children, you need to take care of your own needs. As a parent and caregiver, you probably put your kids first and yourself second or even third. However, you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. Mom/dad guilt is a normal feeling, but you need to have the bigger picture in mind. Try out some strategies to heal your mind from stress. Do the things that make you happy in order to balance out the chaos of remodeling. For example, dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to one of your hobbies, get a massage, or take your partner out on a date from time to time.


7. Renovate in the spring or summer

These two seasons are ideal for any home remodeling project. When it’s warm outside, you can send your kids to play in the park or backyard while the house is under construction. Plus, you can open the windows to let the dust and odors out without freezing to death.

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