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How to get Rid of Piles Disease Easily?

>> Apr 3, 2019

Are you suffering from piles disease and just looking for easy way for treatment? If you are then just relax and take a deep breath because you are at right place where you will find simple and easy tips to get rid of piles, but before we go further just take a look on what are piles, its symptoms and causes. At last you will find how you can get Piles treatment in appropriate manner.

What are piles?

Piles are also called as hemorrhoids which are collection of inflamed tissues and blood vessels in the anal canal. Because of inflamed tissue and vessels patients feel pain during passing stool. Although piles have noticeable symptoms but sometime the symptoms may vary from patient to patient. Generally the size of piles lies between 2-4 centimeters which appear above opening of anus called internal piles and outside edge of anus called external piles.

Cause of piles:

The main cause of appearance of piles is pressure on lower rectum which leads to swelling and formation of piles. Some other very common causes of piles are listed below:
        Excessive strain while passing stool.
        Lifting of heavy weight
        Chronic diarrhea
        Chronic constipation

Symptoms of piles:

In most of the cases symptoms of piles are not severe but due to lack of proper treatment it might get severe with time.

The symptoms of piles may vary from patient to patient depending on his condition.
        Pain while stool passing
        Itching around anus area
        Redness and swelling around anus and its above area
        Patient may feel painful lumps around the anus area that can be coagulated blood.
       Bleeding during or after passing stool.

Sever symptoms:
        Excessive anal bleeding with intense pain which may leads to anemia.
        Inability to control bowl moment.
        Complication due to bleeding and veins swelling.

Grades of piles disease:

According to the severity and complications of disease, Piles can be categorized under four grades listed below:

Grade 1. Invisible small inflammation under inner lining of the anus.

Grade 2. In this grade the size of piles gets increased due to which it is pushed out during passing of stool and returns to its position when the stool is completely passed

Grade 3. In this grade piles appear outside the anus .This condition is called prolapsed hemorrhoids. This condition become severe and painful.

Grade 4. In this grade the patient needs to be treated because piles remain outside of the anus which induce severe pain along with bleeding.

Piles treatment:

Precaution is better than cure and it is true but if you are suffering from piles disease and want to get rid of it, just follow these tips. Although home remedies and OTC drugs are very effective in piles yet sometime treatment depends on the situation and severity of the patient’s condition.

First of all, patient needs to be careful about his diet because healthy diet may decrease pain and severity of the disease.

Have balanced diet: The reason of painful piles disease is strain during passing stool. So patient need to add fruits, fibers and green vegetable in diet. Increase consumption of water which will help to soften the stool. 

Loose excessive weight: Often doctors or physician suggest to do some exercise in order to lose weight.  It will help patient to decrease the severity of pain. 

Change in life-style: Wake up early morning and do some yoga which will help you to treat piles disease.

Medication: There are certain medicines which patient can take without doctor’s prescription. These OTC drugs are very effective for treatment of Piles
Patient must consult doctor for piles treatment if there is no sign of relieve after one week of OTC medication.

        Ointments or creams


When the condition cannot be controlled by medicines or any other methods then surgery is the last option for piles treatment. It is always advisable for the patients to consult with doctor for Piles treatment.

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