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Teachergive Sale 2023

5 Time Management Hacks for Busy Moms

>> Apr 9, 2019

Being a parent is more than just a label, it’s a full-time job. There’s a laundry list of duties and roles you take on as a parent. This is especially true for mothers, which makes it very difficult to schedule time for yourself during the day. Consistent self-care practices are crucial for taking care of yourself and your family. If you feel like you’ve been short on time, here are some ways you can manage your time to fit in all the necessities!
Find what’s taking up too much of your time

Do you ever tell yourself something will only take a moment and then find yourself sitting there an hour later wondering where the time has gone? These are your “time wasters.” Instead of trying to fit in little tasks throughout your day, try blocking out a set amount of time to specifically do these things. It also can be a good idea to sign up for subscriptions to products that you know you’ll need every month. You can get subscriptions for anything from anti-aging skin care products to meal prep kits. It’ll take out the hassle of having to remember to reorder them. This will keep you more focused and organized throughout the week.

Determine what your actual obligations are

There’s a difference between being obligated and feeling obligated to do something. Take a moment to reflect on your schedule before giving a definitive answer when asked to participate in an event or extra-curricular. Do you have the time to go? Is it required that you attend or even make an appearance? If the answer is no, don’t feel guilty about declining. It’s essential that you prioritize what’s important and to not over-commit yourself. 

Congregate your errands

One of the worst time wasters is when you’re running errands that are taking you in several different directions. If you know you have a lot of errands to accomplish in a week, try breaking your list up, and organize your trips into groups depending on their location. If the grocery store, craft stores, and gas stations are all close together but the mall and the book store are further away, break these tasks up. Accomplish one cluster of errands on one day, and the remaining ones on another day. You’ll waste so much less time driving back and forth and you’ll feel a lot less stressed. Scheduling these trips around play dates or even naptime can also save you a lot of time and hassle.

Block out some “me” time

To be the best parent you can be, you’ll need some personal time designated just for you. This time can be spent however you’d like. You can read a book, listen to some music, go out for a walk, or even do nothing at all. There are so many things for moms to do during your “me” time. This time is important for allowing you to decompress and gain some clarity through all of the chaos. Find moments each day for yourself and take extra time before or following a hectic day.

Delegate your tasks

It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset that things are just easier if you do them yourself. It saves you the time of having to explain how to do the task and ensures that it’s done right. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean this is the best method for accomplishing all of your duties and projects. Let go of the misconception that everything needs to be perfect, and instead, allow those around you to help by delegating. Designate tasks to your kids so that they can learn to be independent as well as help ease your burden. Start with small jobs such as taking out the garbage each week or helping with dinner. Split more complicated tasks down the middle with your partner. This will not only free up more of your time, but it also will keep you from becoming resentful toward your significant other who may not be doing their part.

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