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Teachergive Sale 2023

Pest Control Tips –How to keep them off your Portland Property

>> Apr 18, 2019

Pests can be an eyesore. But that’s to say the least. They also pose a range of risk to humans and property too. If you can keep them off your property, then you should do that at all cost, because once they invade, it becomes an uphill task trying to eliminate them.
So, how do you keep pests out of your property?

Preventing pests from entering into your home may seem like a tall order, but it isn’t rocket science. It is something you can do – sometimes, with ease. To help you get started, here are some guiding tips to keep the pests at arm’s length.

Get professional help

You may be wondering why you need to call a pest professional when you don’t have an infestation yet. However, if you think about it, local pest control professionals are well versed with pest behaviors. They also know the kinds of pest problems that you’ll potentially deal with. That’s precisely why you should bring them onboard. Professional from Pointe Pest Control in Portland will visit your property, investigate all areas and recommend the best possible strategies to keep the pests away.

If you choose to do it yourself, then here is what you should do:

Clean your home

One of the main reasons why pests may be attracted to your home is the presence of food. If you have bread crumbs lying on the kitchen counter or the floor, you are likely to invite these creeping creatures that are roaming around looking for something to feed on. The same applies to when you have other pests like insects because these pests are food to other pests like spiders. So, the first step to keeping off these pests is by ensuring that there is no food for them.

Seal out entry points

Pests can only get into your house if there is an opening that serves as the entry point. This includes anything from cracks, crevices, and even holes. Inspect your property for any of these openings and seal them. Check around windows and doors for gaps and seal them.

Eliminate any stagnant water

Pests need water to survive, just as humans do. Some like mosquitoes, even need water to breed. So, the best way to prevent them from coming to your home is by ensuring that you don’t have any standing water in your compound or house. And this includes anything from the water in kids’ toys to a leaking faucet and so on. Get rid of things that may trap water in your compound too.

Store firewood properly

Don’t give spiders and termite easy access to your home. If you have firewood, be sure to store it at a reasonable distance (minimum of five feet) from your shed or house – but the greater the range, the safer you are. Additionally, you don’t want to keep the firewood on the ground, instead, put it in racks and elevate it above the ground level.

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